Glossary of arguments and proofs

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Glossary of arguments and proofs

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Within awaretheory there are a number of prediction, conjectures, ideas, etc. that need supporting evidence for and against. This template is list of these arguments and related topics like rational arguments and mathematical proofs dealing with awaretheory topics.

Template:Awaretheory's list of experiments

Lists of lists of arguments

Lists of Arguments General

Best arguments and evidence for the science of superimmortality

Analogy for "its not me" argument

Scientific laws of consciousness
Arguments and proofs list
Awaretheory arguments superlist
Glossary of arguments and proofs
Superimmortality arguments
Ixperiencit theory of consciousness arguments
Itoarguments part 1, Itoarguments part 2, Itoarguments part 3, Itoarguments part 4,Itoarguments part 5, Itoarguments part 6, Itoarguments part 7, Itoarguments part 8,Itoarguments part 9, Itoarguments part 10, Itoarguments part 11, Itoarguments part 12, Itoarguments part 13, Itoarguments part 14, Itoarguments part 15
Arguments for superimmortalism
Principles of superimmortality
Empty argument pages
Template:Awaretheory's List of arguments with out Empty argument pages
Arguments for superimmortality grouped into types

Lists of Arguments A

A Materialist Model of Christian Resurrection comparison with superimmortality
Actual existence arguments, for consciousnesses and ixperiencitness, for all the different types of itoidentireplicas
Actual existence arguments,
Actual present existence arguments for coriginal,
Actual future existence arguments for coriginal
Advantages of superimmortality over religious theories of immortality
Alien argument for multiplicity
Amnesia argument
Anesthesia argument
Anesthesia extension argument
Animal argument for multiplicity
Argument for identical physapaths produce identical ixpepaths
Argument summary part 1
Argument summary part 2
Argument summary part 3
Arguments against universality
Arguments against the universality of conscious existence
Arguments for and against singularity
Arguments for immortality
Arguments for singularity,
Arguments for S&F
Argument for Identity and Multiplicity of Conscious Existence
Arguments for each type of itoimmortality
Arguments for itomultiplicity
Arguments for multiplicity
Arguments for life after death
Argument for multiplicity of the ixperiencitness concept
Arguments for the identity theory
Arguments for the itocontinuum theory
Assimilation arguments
Assimilation of matter arguments ;Assimilation of matter experiments
Atheism and the finality of death argument
Authority rejection argument for superimmortality
Awarepaducer argument for multiplicity

Lists of Arguments B to D

Beautiful theory argument
Behaviorpath/physapath differential approximation arguments
Behaviorpath/physapath differential approximation experiments
Behaviorpath/physipath differential approximation arguments
Behaviorpath/physipath differential approximation experiments
Beliefs matter and inform actions argument
Body -- ixperiencitness connectivity problem argument
Carespace existence argument
Caresphere existence argument
Case of multiplicity
Cidentireplica behavior proof
Cidentireplica identity of consciousness argument
Cidentireplica memory argument
Cidentireplica memory falsification argument
Coherence argument for multiplicity
Coherence proofs
Coherence arguments
Comboconstruction arguments
Compatibility with science argument for superimmortality
Complexity argument for awaretheory
Computer upload argument for multiplicity
Concept existence arguments
Conscious multiplicity
Consciousness sees the functioning of the brain argument
Consequences of conscious multiplicity
Construction proofs
Construction of experiments arguments
Corroborating arguments
Conscious Multiplicity and the movies
Continuity arguments for defining the self
Continuity experiments argument
Coriginal existence arguments
Cosmic justice argument
Counting argument for multiplicity
Courage and cowardice argument
Diversity argument for multiplicity

Lists of arguments E - H

Entropy and complexity arguments
Environmental argument for multiplicity

Experimental conditions argument

Equality of people argument
Equality of consciousnesses argument
Equality of ixperiencitnesses argument
Equality of awarepaths argument
Essence of self argument, None essentialism of self argument
Evidence for the existence of conscious versions of you knowing how to make conscious versions of you
Existence arguments
Experimental arguments, Experimental evidence
Experimental evidence arguments list for superimmortality
Explanatory argument for awaretheory
Explanatory argument for multiplicity
Explainability argument for principle 1a
Explainability arguments for superimmortality
Externapath existence arguments
Facticity and transcendence of the self argument
Falsifiability and predictability argument
False memory argument
Fidentireplica existence arguments
First Rational Argument for conscious identity and multiplicity
First Rational Experiment Argument for Identity and Multiplicity of Conscious Existence
First Rational Experiment
First experiment argument
Handicapped argument for superimmortality
Hard to vary argument for superimmortality

Lists of arguments I

I care argument

Identical attributes argument

Identical abilities argument
Identical beliefs argument
Identical desires argument
Identical emotions argument
Identical feelings argument
Identical happiness argument
Identical knowledge argument
Identical language ability argument
Identical memories argument
Identical plans argument
Identical sadness argument
Identical self identity argument
Identical self identification argument
Identical skills argument
Identical structure and functioning produces identical behavior argument
Closely Identical structure and functioning produces identical behavior argument
Identical structure and functioning produces identical consciousness argument
Closely Identical structure and functioning produces identical consciousness argument
Identical physapaths produces identical behaviorpaths argument
Closely Identical physapaths produces identical behaviorpaths argument
Identical physapaths produces identical awarepaths argument
Closely Identical physapaths produces identical awarepaths argument
Identification argument for consciousness
Identification argument for ixperiencitness
Identity arguments
Identity arguments for consciousness
Identity arguments for ixperiencitness for each of the itoprinciples
Idoriginal argument for multiplicity,
If nature made your consciousness once why not again? argument
If nature made your ixperiencitness once why not again? argument
If nature produced you once why can't it do it again?
If nature produced a consciousness that you experience one extended period of time why can't it do it again in the future?
If nature produced a consciousness that you experience one extended period of time, why can't it produce more than one at the same time?
If there is a god or gods why he/ they would create a world with superimmortality rather than religious forms of immortality
Implications of conscious multiplicity
Improbability argument
Insignificant argument
Insipath existence postulates and proofs
iPhone song analogy, iPhone song analogy for superimmortality, iPhone video analogy for superimmortality
Isoidentireplica existence arguments
Isoidentireplica use arguments
Oriarguments, Idoarguments, Coriarguments, Citoarguments, Vitoarguments, Fitoarguments, Enharguments, Isoarguments, Bioarguments, Musarguments, Insiarguments, Tritoarguments, Comboarguments, and Simiarguments.
Itoconstruction proofs is a grouping name for
Oriconstruction proofs, Idoconstruction proofs, Coriconstruction proofs, Citoconstruction proofs, Vitoconstruction proofs, Fitoconstruction proofs, Isoconstruction proofs, Bioconstruction proofs, Enhaconstruction proofs, Musconstruction proofs, Insiconstruction proofs, Tritoconstruction proofs, Nrgconstruction proofs, Comboconstruction proofs, Simiconstruction proofs,
Itoexistence proofs
Oriexistence proofs, Idoexistence proofs, Coriexistence proofs, Citoexistence proofs, Vitoexistence proofs, Fitoexistence proofs, Isoexistence proofs, Bioexistence proofs, Enhaexistence proofs, Musexistence proofs, Insiexistence proofs, Tritoexistence proofs, Nrgexistence proofs, Comboexistence proofs, Simiexistence proofs,
Itoautochthonality arguments
Itocausality arguments
Itocontinuance arguments
Itocreation arguments
Itoerudition arguments
Itoexordium arguments
Itoexperiments itoevidence Itoarguments. Itoproofs
Itoexperiments and itoevidence are used in Itoarguments. Itoproofs are more mathematical or rigorous itoarguments
Itoextension arguments
Itofazconstruction proofs
Itofazconvergence proofs
Itofazdivergence proofs
Itofazenhancement proofs
Itofazexistence proofs
Itofazextension proofs
Itofazfragmentation proofs
Itofazmapping proofs
Itofazmultiextension proofs
Itofaztransformation proofs
Itoinception arguments
Itomodality arguments
Itomultiplicity arguments
Itorientation arguments
Itoprogression arguments
Itoregression arguments
Itotermination arguments
Ixperiencit coherence mapping argument
Ixperiencit experiment argument
Ixperiencit simplicity mapping argument
Ixperiencit theory of consciousness arguments - Aware Theory
Ixperiencitness arguments
Ixperiencitness coherence argument
Ixperiencitness existence arguments
Ixperiencitness experiments
Ixperiencitness identity argument
Ixperiencitness identity proof
Ixperiencitness predictability argument
Ixperiencitness predictability arguments
Ixperiencitness simplicity argument
Ixperiencitness understandability arguments
Ixperiencitness usefulness arguments
Concept of ixperiencitness

Lists of arguments J-O

Jobs argument for superimmortality
Knowing about your death argument
Moral argument for multiplicity
Moral arguments for the identity theory,
Moral arguments for the itocontinuum theory
Moral arguments for itomultiplicity
Most optimistic theory argument
Moral arguments for awaretheory
Moral arguments for the Ixperiencit theory of consciousness
Moral arguments for the science of superimmortality
Moral arguments for superimmortality
Moral relativism and superimmortality
Movie analogy for ixperiencitness being a continuum concept
Multicid arguments
Multivid arguments
Multiplicity arguments
Multiplicity of conscious existence
Multiplicity of consciousness existence
Multiplicity postulate for ixperiencitness
Multiplicity produces a scientific theory argument
Multiple time travel argument
Multiple time travel argument with variations
Multiple videntireplica experimental proof

Necessary conditions argument
Nonexistent theory of consciousness existence arguments
Not missing out on life argument
Outline of argument that structure and functioning of matter not the body determines the self
Over there in time argument

Lists of arguments P

Parallel lines and infinities arguments
Partial identity arguments for consciousness
Partial identity arguments for ixperiencitness
Path multiplicity
Perceived versus actual affects of multiplicity
Personal identity versus conscious identity argument
Perspective argument for multiplicity
Perspective on a consciousness argument
Physapath to behaviorpath mapping principle
Physapath to behaviorpath production principle
Physapath to behaviorpath mapping principle proof
Physapath to behaviorpath production principle proof
Physapath to awarepath mapping principle
Physapath to awarepath production principle
Physapath to awarepath mapping principle proof
Physapath to awarepath production principle proof
Physapath to ixpepath mapping principle
Physapath to ixpepath production principle
Physapath to ixpepath mapping principle proof
Physapath to ixpepath production principle proof
Physipath to physapath mapping principle
Physipath to physapath production principle
Physipath to physapath mapping principle proof
Physipath to physapath production principle proof
Physipath to behaviorpath mapping principle
Physipath to behaviorpath production principle
Physipath to behaviorpath mapping principle proof
Physipath to behaviorpath production principle proof
Physipath to awarepath mapping principle
Physipath to awarepath production principle
Physipath to awarepath mapping principle proof
Physipath to awarepath production principle proof
Physipath to ixpepath mapping principle
Physipath to ixpepath production principle
Physipath to ixpepath mapping principle proof
Physipath to ixpepath production principle proof
Physical properties continuation arguments
Potential existence arguments
Potential future existence arguments for coriginals, Actual past existence arguments for coriginal,
Potential past existence arguments for coriginals
Potential present existence arguments for coriginals
Potential existence arguments
Predictability argument for superimmortality
Predictive argument for multiplicity
Predictability of ixperiencitness argument
Predictability of consciousness argument
Preexistent argument
Principles of the science of superimmortality
Proof that structural and functional continuity is more important than matter or body continuity
Proof of the enumerability principle of itofazpaths
Propagating your genes versus propagating your ixperiencitness argument
Proof sequence 1 for superimmortality
Proof sequence 1a, Proof sequence 1b, Proof sequence 1c, Proof sequence 1d, Proof sequence 1e, Proof sequence 1f, Proof sequence 1a, Proof sequence 1g, Proof sequence 1f,
Proof sequence 2 for superimmortality
Proof sequence 2a, Proof sequence 2b, Proof sequence 2c, Proof sequence 2d, Proof sequence 2e, Proof sequence 2f, Proof sequence 2a, Proof sequence 2g, Proof sequence 2f,
Proof sequence 3 for superimmortality
Proof sequence 3a, Proof sequence 3b, Proof sequence 3c, Proof sequence 3d, Proof sequence 3e, Proof sequence 3f, Proof sequence 3a, Proof sequence 3g, Proof sequence 3f,
Property argument for superimmortality
Purpose by conscious survival argument
Purpose of consciousness argument

Lists of arguments Q-Z

Rational arguments, Rational evidence, Rational experimental evidence
Rational experiments arguments
Reconstruction argument for superimmortality
Reconstruction argument, Reconstruction experiments
Reductio ad absurdum arguments for superimmortality

Religious argument for multiplicity

Replacement of matter arguments
Repetition experiments and their analogies
Repetition arguments for superimmortality
Repetition arguments Repetition experiments
Replication experiments and their analogies
Restoration arguments, Restoration experiments,
Resurrection of a person does not prove the existence of any god argument
Same person experiments
Scientific argument for superimmortality
Scientific arguments for the existence of Enhanced Immortality
Scientific multiplicity
Scientific Proofs for Immortality
Seeing your loved ones after death argument for superimmortality
Selfish moral imperative
Significance of man argument
Significance of mankind argument
Similarity of structure and functioning argument
Simplicity arguments
Simplicity argument for awaretheory
Simplicity argument for multiplicity
Simplicity proofs
Singularity bias argument
Smartphone song analogy
Smartphone video analogy
Smartphone song analogy for superimmortality
Smartphone video analogy for superimmortality
Song analogy for superimmortality
Space exploration argument
Specific brain/ specific mind argument for singularity
Speed of assimilation of matter arguments
Split body/brain arguments
Street epistemology applied to superimmortality
Subjective arguments for superimmortality
Superpath argument for multiplicity
Supersociety argument for multiplicity
Supernatural multiplicity

Superimmortality and the creation of jobs argument

Technology argument for awaretheory
Technology argument for multiplicity
Template: Mental properties continuation arguments,
The Arguments For Structural Functional Materialism Over Simple Materialism
The original can't tell the difference either argument
The body does not experience the consciousness, the consciousness experiences the body argument
The false belief that atheists have that is bad for society argument
The limitedness of simple immortality
Theory of conscious multiplicity
Three closeness arguments
Time travel argument, Time travel experiments
Transferring argument
Types of arguments
Types of existence arguments
Types of supporting evidence
Unfinished business of death argument
Universality theory of conscious existence arguments
Uploading argument for the multiplicity of the self
Veil of ignorance concept applied to superimmortality argument
Videntireplica memory argument
Wasting our one life argument
We are not forgotten argument
Wetness argument
What a superatheist can say at a funeral
What is lost at death argument
Why superimmortality is more comforting than religions
Why we think we have free will argument
Within the blink of an eye argument, Within the blink of an eye experiments
Blink of an eye argument, Blink of an eye experiments
You are consciousness argument
You are more argument
Your many different lives

Itofazmultiplicity Arguments

Itofazmultiplicity Arguments
Itophysimultiplicity Arguments, Itophysamultiplicity Arguments, Itoneuromultiplicity Arguments, Itoawaremultiplicity Arguments, Itomentamultiplicity Arguments, Itoixpemultiplicity Arguments, Itoepimultiplicity Arguments,
Oriphysimultiplicity Arguments, Oriphysamultiplicity Arguments, Orineuromultiplicity Arguments, Oriawaremultiplicity Arguments, Orimentamultiplicity Arguments, Orixpemultiplicity Arguments, Oriepimultiplicity Arguments,
Idophysimultiplicity Arguments, Idophysamultiplicity Arguments, Idoneuromultiplicity Arguments, Idoawaremultiplicity Arguments, Idomentamultiplicity Arguments, Idoixpemultiplicity Arguments, Idoepimultiplicity Arguments,
Coriphysimultiplicity Arguments, Coriphysamultiplicity Arguments, Corineuromultiplicity Arguments, Coriawaremultiplicity Arguments, Corimentamultiplicity Arguments, Corixpemultiplicity Arguments, Coriepimultiplicity Arguments,
Citophysimultiplicity Arguments, Citophysamultiplicity Arguments, Citoneuromultiplicity Arguments, Citoawaremultiplicity Arguments, Citomentamultiplicity Arguments, Citoixpemultiplicity Arguments, Citoepimultiplicity Arguments,
Vitophysimultiplicity Arguments, Vitophysamultiplicity Arguments, Vitoneuromultiplicity Arguments, Vitoawaremultiplicity Arguments, Vitomentamultiplicity Arguments, Vitoixpemultiplicity Arguments, Vitoepimultiplicity Arguments,
Fitophysimultiplicity Arguments, Fitophysamultiplicity Arguments, Fitoneuromultiplicity Arguments, Fitoawaremultiplicity Arguments, Fitomentamultiplicity Arguments, Fitoixpemultiplicity Arguments, Fitoepimultiplicity Arguments,
Isophysimultiplicity Arguments, Isophysamultiplicity Arguments, Isoneuromultiplicity Arguments, Isoawaremultiplicity Arguments, Isomentamultiplicity Arguments, Isoixpemultiplicity Arguments, Isoepimultiplicity Arguments,
Biophysimultiplicity Arguments, Biophysamultiplicity Arguments, Bioneuromultiplicity Arguments, Bioawaremultiplicity Arguments, Biomentamultiplicity Arguments, Bioixpemultiplicity Arguments, Bioepimultiplicity Arguments,
Enhaphysimultiplicity Arguments, Enhaphysamultiplicity Arguments, Enhaneuromultiplicity Arguments, Enhawaremultiplicity Arguments, Enhamentamultiplicity Arguments, Enhaixpemultiplicity Arguments, Enhaepimultiplicity Arguments,
Insiphysimultiplicity Arguments, Insiphysamultiplicity Arguments, Insineuromultiplicity Arguments, Insiawaremultiplicity Arguments, Insimentamultiplicity Arguments, Insixpemultiplicity Arguments, Insiepimultiplicity Arguments,
Musphysimultiplicity Arguments, Musphysamultiplicity Arguments, Musneuromultiplicity Arguments, Musawaremultiplicity Arguments, Musmentamultiplicity Arguments, Musixpemultiplicity Arguments, Musepimultiplicity Arguments,
Tritophysimultiplicity Arguments, Tritophysamultiplicity Arguments, Tritoneuromultiplicity Arguments, Tritoawaremultiplicity Arguments, Tritomentamultiplicity Arguments, Tritoixpemultiplicity Arguments, Tritoepimultiplicity Arguments,
Nrgphysimultiplicity Arguments, Nrgphysamultiplicity Arguments, Nrgneuromultiplicity Arguments, Nrgawaremultiplicity Arguments, Nrgmentamultiplicity Arguments, Nrgixpemultiplicity Arguments, Nrgepimultiplicity Arguments,
Combophysimultiplicity Arguments, Combophysamultiplicity Arguments, Comboneuromultiplicity Arguments, Comboawaremultiplicity Arguments, Combomentamultiplicity Arguments, Comboixpemultiplicity Arguments, Comboepimultiplicity Arguments,
Simiphysimultiplicity Arguments, Simiphysamultiplicity Arguments, Simineuromultiplicity Arguments, Simiawaremultiplicity Arguments, Simimentamultiplicity Arguments, Simixpemultiplicity Arguments, Simiepimultiplicity Arguments,


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