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The word multiplicity is short for a complex set of ideas like the multiplicity of conscious existence and multiplicity of ixperiencitness. These ideas allow for scientific materialism to be the foundation for a science of immortality and life after death. Scientific materialism is currently, and usually though to make life after death and immortality impossible.

The concept of Multiplicity is a consequence of the concept that the functioning of matter produces consciousness and the corollary that the identical structure and functioning of matter will produce identical consciousness. These are the first two experimentally based founding axioms of the science of psychexistology.

This is a one word term being used for the concept of multiplicity of identical conscious existence. The other three one word terms dealing with conscious existence are nonexistent, singularity and universality. There are types of multiplicity with their own specific names orimultiplicity, idomultiplicity, citomultiplicity, vitomultiplicity, isomultiplicity, fitomultiplicity, enhamultiplicity, simimultiplicity insimultiplicity,and musmultiplicity. Itomultiplicity is the grouping name for these terms. It is also the alternative and more specific name for the term multiplicity.

Multiplicity means that you are more than just the consciousness that you are experiencing at this moment. There are many different levels of multiplicity leading to almost universality. But there are good rational reason not to accept universality either. Which levels of multiplicity are actually true is a matter for logical reasoning and experimentation to determine. There is great deal of evidence for the simpler levels to be true. The more complex levels require more complicated rational experiments to prove. Understanding these more complex aspects the multiplicity of conscious existence will get people to start thinking about the issues and maybe a more clear picture will eventually emerge.

The simplest statements about multiplicity are:

The exact same physapaths produces the exact same awarepath.

The exact same awarepaths have the exact same ixperiencitness.

The Second level of complexity is: For every awarepath there exists a set of approximate physapaths that produce this awarepath. This set of physapaths all produce the same ixperiencitness.

The Third level of complexity is: There exists sets of different awarepaths, where each awarepath has a different consciousness but has the same ixperiencitness.

The Fourth level of complexity is: There exist sets of different awarepaths, where each awarepath has a different consciousness and a partially different ixperiencitness.

These concepts can be applied to everyone by making the physapath and awarepath belong to the original. We can imagine a diagram where the original's physapath and awarepath are in the middle. Each concentric circle includes a greater and greater diversity of different bodies and then consciousnesses as we go through the third and forth levels of complexity. You the original will experience these consciousnesses as you would the one you are experiencing right now. No matter when, where, how, or why they are produced. There can be many different bodies, that exist at the same time, made of different matter, that have the same ixperiencitness that you do; which means that you experience.