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Psychexistology is a word derived from three words of latin origin. "Psyche" meaning the mind. The word "exist" is a shortened version of the english word existence which is derived from the closely spelled latin word existere, which means to come forth, or to exist. And finally it is derived from suffix "ology" meaning the study of, or science of, Thus the derivation of the word psychexistology from the phrase "science of conscious existence"

Psychexistology is one of the sciences dealing with immortality. Another science of immortality is ixperiencitology. The two sciences are different in the sense that Psychexistology studies the extent of possible consciousnesses and Ixperiencitology studies the ixperiencitness concept in relationship to consciousness. Psychexistology studies the mentacontinuum in relation to the physicontinuum, where as Ixperiencitology studies the awarecontinuum in relation to the ixpecontinuum.

Psychexistology deals with:

  1. How to make different consciousnesses or awarepaths from physapaths.
  2. How to construct awarecontinuums and physicontinuums, and how to map them to each other.
  3. Understanding ixperiencitness the ixperiencit concept
  4. How To determine conscious ownership, and with this corresponding ixpecontinuum map it to awarecontinuums and physicontinuums
  5. Studying the different ways that consciousness can be produced.
  6. Studying the concepts of enhanced paths with the creation of superawarecontinuums, superphysicontinuums and superixpecontinuums.
  7. Studying the diversity of consciousnesses/awarepaths and ixperiencitness/ixpepaths.
  8. Organizing knowledge about consciousnesses into epicontinuums.
  9. Understanding the concept of itomultiplicity and it applications.
  10. Understanding the concept of itoimmortality and its applications.
  11. Relating the science of Psychexistology to the science of Ixperiencitology.
  12. Making the formulations in Mathematical Psychexistology consistent with the formulations in Mathematical Ixperiencitology.

Psychexistology is different from Psychology in many ways. Psychology studies what is in existence in terms of consciousness. Psychexistology studies what can exist in terms of consciousness. Where Psychology gets a patchwork of knowledge about what is in existence now, psychexistology works toward a unified understanding of consciousness not only by studying what consciousness exists now but by studying all consciousnesses that can exist.

How can you study what does exist now? By creating continuum structures like physicontinuums, awarecontinuums, mentacontinuums, physacontinuums, etc., where what we know fits into the structure and what we do not know can be extrapolated from this information. New information just makes the continuum structure better. Approximations can be tested for accuracy. The continuums structure can be changed depending on the needs of the user. Before the advent of computers and the internet this would not be possible.

Some of the major concepts of Psychexistology are:

  1. The correct structure and functioning of matter produces consciousness.
  2. Identical structure and functioning of matter produces the same consciousness.
  3. Identical structure and functioning can be produced by different matter in a different place and time. If the required structure and functioning is maintained then the conscious will be duplicated as well
  4. Many close variations to a particular structure and functioning of matter will produce the same consciousness.
  5. There are some major transformations of structure and functioning that will produce the same consciousness.
  6. There are many different consciousnesses that can have the same ixperiencitness.
  7. Ixperiencitness is not an all or nothing concept. There can exist percentage wise identity between different ixperiencitnesses.
  8. There can exist many different ixperiencitnesses.
  9. Consciousnesses can be enhanced and still have the same ixperiencitness.
  10. The different ixperiencitnesses can be grouped into concept based families#
  11. An Ixperiencitness can be enhanced.

Mathematical Psychexistology is the mathematical study of Psychexistology.

Mathematical Ixperiencitology is the mathematical study of Ixperiencitology