Ixperiencit concept

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There are many potential and actual consciousnesses that can and do exist. The ixperiencit concept pronounced "i experience it" (for obvious reasons) is important when dealing conscious ownership. If there exists two or more identical consciousness, how do we determine which ones you will experience?

The ixperiencit concept does not exist as a material object like a body or supernatural object like a soul. It exists in the sense that a force, momentum, potential energy does in physics; as a fundamental concept.

Ixperiencitness is like consciousness.Ixperiencitness. If Ixperiencit then I am conscious. It is the consciousness that you experience. In this case we can call it uxperiencit with the result of uxperiencitness. When the concept of itomultiplicity is applied we can call it wexperiencit producing wexperiencitness.

Ixperiencit test is the basis for determining if a particular S&F (physapath) is producing your consciousness or not.