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Itomultiplicity is the grouping name for all the different types of scientific multiplicity of conscious existence.

Itomultiplicity is based on Itomultiplicity experiments and Itomultiplicity arguments.

The types of multiplicity are: orimultiplicity, idomultiplicity, corimultiplicity, citomultiplicity, vitomultiplicity, isomultiplicity, fitomultiplicity, enhamultiplicity, simimultiplicity, insimultiplicity, tritomultiplicity, combomultiplicity, nrgmultiplicity, and musmultiplicity.

What itomultiplicity means is that awarepaths with your ixperiencitness can exist at the same time. There are many different types of itomultiplicity depending on the types of itoidentireplicas that are producing the the awarepaths and the relative awaremoments on the awarepaths that are being produced at the same time.

Itomultiplicity is also the alternative and more specific name for the term multiplicity. The problem with using only the term multiplicity is that is can be ambiguously appled to many different ideas in many different ways.

Itomultiplicity that is based on citoprinciples is called citomultiplicity. Itomultiplicity that is based on vitoprinciples is called vitomultiplicity. Itomultiplicity that is based on isoprinciples is called isomultiplicity. Itomultiplicity that is based on fitoprinciples is called fitomultiplicity. Itomultiplicity that is based on musprinciples is called musmultiplicity. insimultiplicity is based on insiprinciples.

For more information see: itoexperiments, itoevidence, itoarguments, itoprinciples, Itoanalogies, Itoequations, itomapping, Itoconstruction, Itoimmortality,and itoapplications,