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A principle is a fundamental, primary, or general law or truth from which others are derived. Science and mathematics, in order to understand reality or our environment, tries to find regularities in the world around us so that we can predict the future and the consequences of our actions better. The more universal a regularity of nature is the more likely it is called a principle of science. Awaretheory is a developing science. There appears to be many possible principles that awaretheory has found. How many will stand the test of time assuming the advance of science into the future is not known but many are so useful, and based on experimental evidence and common sense logic that they are likely permanent. Or they will eventually be replaced with more enhanced better and more specific principles.

Itoprinciples is a grouping name for all the types of principles that deal with conscious existence, conscious multiplicity, immortality, life after death. It includes oriprinciples, coriprinciples, idoprinciples, citoprinciples, vitoprinciples, fitoprinciples, bioprinciples, musprinciples, isoprinciples, enhaprinciples, insiprinciples tritoprinciples, nrgprinciples, comboprinciples, and simiprinciples. There are also more fundamental principles or itopostulates.

Principle of awarepath approximation: By studying the awarepaths produced by physipaths we can approximate changes in physapaths that will make other specific awarepaths.

Principle of awarepath/ physipath extrapolation: We can extrapolate between two or more known physipath/awarepath itomapping and to produce an ixperapproximation to the desired ixperiencitness.

Principle of itomapping: The same physipath produces the same awarepath, but not visa versa.

Principle of ixperiencit mapping: The same awarepath has the same ixperiencitness, but not visa versa.

Problem of sensepath identity: Do you have to have sensepath identity to have identity of physipaths? You have to have enough sensepath identity so that the structure and functioning of the original, idoriginal, or cidentireplica continues to function the same. There may never be a duplication of the sensepath naturally produced in this universe but there may be duplicate universes. There may be also be the duplication of sensepaths artificially produced by design of other consciousness beings.

List of some more itoprinciples and itoconcepts:

Itofazlocationality principles, Itolocationality principles,

Itofazmultiplicity principles, Itomultiplicity principles

Itofazmultireplication principles, Itomultireplication principles

Transuniversal concepts

Transuniversal Itomultireplication principles,

Itofazinterchangeability principles, Itointerchangeability principles,

Itofazreplacability principles, Itoreplacability principles,

Itofazassimulation principles, Itoassimulation principles, Concept of assimilation of matter:

Itofazmateriality principles, Itomateriality principles,

Itofazsynchronization principles, Itosynchronization principles,

Itofazfuturality principles, Itofuturality principles Itofuturazation expereincing the present in the future

Itofazhistorality principles, Itohistorality principles, Itohistorazation: expereincing the present in the past

Itofaztimultiplicity principles, Itotimultiplicity principles

Itofazcelerity principles, Itocelerity principles,

Itofazquondamality principles, Itoquondamality principles, Experiencing some past potential or actual existing consciousness now or at the present time

Itofazprospectality principles, Itoprospectality principles, Itoprospectazation: Experiencing some future potential or actual existing consciousness now or at the present time

Itofazinception principles, Itoinception principles -- when in time it began

Itofazexordium principles, Itoexordium principles -- when or where along the awarepath/ physipath

Itofazcreation principles, Itocreation principles -- who or what created it

Itofazmodality principles, Itomodality principles -- how it was created

Itofazautochthonality principles, Itoautochthonality principles -- where it comes from

Itofazcausality principles, Itocausality principles -- why it was made

Itofazerudition principles, Itoerudition principles -- knowledge about

Itofazdivergence principles, Itodivergence principles Itophysidivergence principles, Itoawaredivergence principles, Itodivergence principles,

Itofazconvergence principles, Itophysiconvergence principles, Itoawareconvergence principles, Itoconvergence principles,

Itofazmultivergence principles, Itomultiphysivergence principles, Itomultiawarevergence principles, Itomultivergence principles

Itofazsimiconvergence principles, Itosimiphysiconvergence principles, Itosimiawareconvergence principles, Itosimiconvergence principles,

Itofazsimidivergence principles, Itosimiphysidivergence principles, Itosimiawaredivergence principles, Itosimiconvergence principles,

Itofazsimimultivergence principles, Itosimimultiphysivergence principles, Itosimiawaremultivergence principles, Itosimimultivergence principles,

Immortality related

Itofazcontinuance principles, Itocontinuance principles

Itofazmulticontinuance principles, Itophysicontinuance principles, Itoawarecontinuance principles,

Itofazextension principles, Itoextension principles, Itophysiextension principles, Itoawarextension principles,

Itofazmultiextension principles, Itomultiextension principles, Itophysiextension principles, Itoawarextension principles,

Itofazcontinuity principles, Itocontinuity principles, Itophysicontinuity principles, Itoawarecontinuity principles,

Itofazdiscontinuity principles, Itodiscontinuity principles, Itophysidiscontinuity principles, Itoawarediscontinuity principles,

Partial immortality related

Itofazsimiidentity principles, Itosimiawareidentity principles, Itosimiphysidentity principles,

Itofazsimicontinuance principles, Itosimiphysicontinuance principles,Itosimiawarecontinuance principles,

Itofazsimiiextension principles, Itosimiphysiextension principles, Itosimiawarextension principles,

Itofazsimicontinuity principles, Itosimiphysicontinuity principles, Itosimiawarecontinuity principles,

Itofazsimidiscontinuity principles, Itosimiphysidiscontinuity principles, Itosimiawarediscontinuity principles,

Itofazsimultaneousness principles, Itosimultaneousness principles,

Itofazretrogression principles, Itoretrogression principles,

Itofazmultiretrogression principles, Itomultiretrogression principles,

Itofazsuccession principles, Itosuccession principles,

Itofazmultisuccession principles, Itomultisuccession principles,

Itofazdigression principles, Itodigression principles,

Itofazmultidigression principles, Itomultidigression principles,

Itofazprogression principles, Itoprogression principles,

Itofazmultiprogression principles, Itomultiprogression principles,

Itofazregression principles, Itoregression principles,

Itofazmultiregression principles, Itomultiregression principles,

Itofazoperipatetion principles, Itoperipatetion principles,

Itofazmanifold principles, Itomanifold principles,

Itofaztranformation principles, Itotranformation principles,

Itofazepistemology principles, Itoepistemology principles, knowledge has varying meaning when realities can be synthesized

Itofazenhancement principles, Itoenhancement principles,

Itofazconenhancement principles, Itoconenhancement principles,

Itofazfusion principles, Itofusion principles,

Itofazdiffusion principles, Itodiffusion principles,

Itofazinclusion principles, Itoinclusion principles,

Itofazmatrix principles, Itomatrix principles,

Itofazsocioenhancement principles, Itosocioenhancement principles, Society advancement

Principles of complexenumeration

Itofazplexenumeration principles, Itoplexenumeration principles,

Itofazfragmentation principles, Itofragmentation principles,

Itofazepifragmentation principles, Itoepifragmentation principles, fragmentation with preknowledge

Itofazranfragmentation principles, Itoranfragmentation principles,

Itofazmultisharing principles, Itomultisharing principles,

Itofazmultiplex principles, Itomultiplex principles,

Itofaztransmultiplex principles, Itotransmultiplex principles,

Itofazsupermultiplex principles, Itosupermultiplex principles,

Itofazunification principles, Itounification principles, Itophysiunification principles, Itoawareunification principles,

Itosuperunification principles, Itosuperunification principles,

Itofazconcern principles, Itoconcern principles,

Itofazaffection principles, Itoaffection principles,

Itofazinteraction principles, Itointeraction principles,

Itofazsupervision principles, Itosupervision principles,

Itofazcontrol principles, Itocontrol principles,

Itofazpreferenceality principles, Itopreferenceality principles,

Itofazindeterminality principles, Itoindeterminality principles,

Itofazmanagement principles, Itomanagement principles,

Itofazutopia principles, Itoutopia principles,

Itofazptimism principles, Itoptimism principles

Itofazpessimism principles, Itopessimism principles

Itofazculturalrelativism principles, Itoculturalrelativism principles

Itofazinfluence principles, Itoinfluence principles

Itofazmagic principles, Itomagic principles

Itofazreality principles, Itoreality principles

itofazimmersion principles, itoimmersion principles immersion and simi immersion into different realities or sensepaths

itofazcoaching principles, itocoaching principles, giving pre information about reality transformations or sensepath change

Memory convergence adding memories to an itofazpath or other realities or life experiences.

See also: Itoexperiments, itoevidence, Itoarguments, Itomultiplicity, Itoprinciples, Itoanalogies, Itoequations, itomapping, Itoconstruction, Itoimmortality, Itoapplications. The difference between itoprocesses, itoprinciples, and itoconcepts