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The word Ixperiencit, pronounced "I experience it" is the key concept in understanding conscious existence. It is sort of like the concept of a point or line in Geometry [1]. The only way to understand it is to understand the concept by experiencing it. You have to intuitively understand its meaning. It is the one thing that determines you being alive for yourself. If you have never been conscious you will have a difficult time understanding the meaning of "being conscious". For there to be personal meaning for continuation of conscious existence, life after death, and immortality there has to be you experiencing being conscious, from other conscious beings perspective or I experience being conscious from the individual's perspective. If I experience consciousness I am alive from my personal point of view. See also: ixperiencit test, ixperiencit concept, wexperiencitness, uxperiencitness, and ixperiencitness.

The word "I" in the terms of the concepts of Ixperiencitness and ixperiencit has a well defined meaning. The word "I" can be defined for either consciousness or in terms of bodies and matter.

The "I" in terms of consciousness is all the different consciousnesses through all space and time that you will or can experience.

The word "I" in terms of matter are all the matter and energy based structures and functionings that will, are, or have produced a consciousness that you experience.


Ixperiencit existence


Ixpermegamultiplex his concept ties together all the consciousnesses of one ixperiencitness and closely related ixpepaths into a super conscious ixpeobject that is much greater than just the current awaremoment. epiobject

Ixpermegamultiplex produces or corresponds to a Ixpebeing Ixperbeing ixpercon being

Why the four prefixes/ suffixes? What are the meanings that they are trying to convey? Very large, multiple, ixperiencitness complex,



What are the characteristics of this being? It is conscious, immortal, connected by an identical or near identical ixperiencitness relationship, the different conscious parts can be produced in may different ways like with awarepaducers, itoidentireplicas, and itobodies. It has self awareness. It contains knowledge about itself, and can produce parts of itself. Parts of itself can exist through out the universe in space and time. It can be represented by a itocontinuum and epicontinuum. Conscious parts can be either controlling or passive, in other words the consciousness can change the universe or be like in an experience machine where it controls and thus changes very little. It is composed of what appears to be very large amount of independent consciousness from the awaremoment perspective. Plus it contains many different unifying consciousnesses as well.