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Consciousness is what you are. You are not all consciousnesses. You may think that you are a body but a body is only aware of being a body by being conscious. You experience what appears to be your body but this could be created where you are just a brain connected to some device that stimulates your brain in such a way that you think that you have a body. In fact, the sensepaducer creating this reality may be producing a better reality than the original body would have. You can never be certain if what you experience is real or created.

If you believe in god he has to be conscious too. Just imagine an unconscious god. You have to be conscious to imagine not being conscious. Would you exist if there was no consciousness in the universe? Your body could exist and behave like it was conscious without it being conscious. Other people could see this body of yours and be aware of this body. But to do so, they have to be conscious.

The Consciousness produced by a body; physipath, over time, is called the awarepath The mentapath contains the awarepath and all the other peripheral consciousness produced by the physipath.

For cases of survival, life after death, and immortality, for you, you have to experience being consciousness, if there is a time where you never experience being conscious again this is the permeant end or death of you. If there is always a chance that you will experience being conscious again, this is a form of immortality.

The ixperiencitness concept is the basis for understanding consciousness and its relationship to life after death and immortality.

The concept consciousness is represented by the capital letter (C) in itofazequations and other related awaretheory equations.

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