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Structure and functioning is the phrase for the complex concept of how a grouping of matter is structured at the present moment and how it is changing over time. The concept of structure includes: How the matter is arranged. What kind of elements and molecules are used, their placement and relationship to each other, the excitement states of the atoms and other quantum mechanical aspects of the atoms. In other words all physical aspects or properties of the grouping of matter being considered. The functioning is how the structure changes over time. You have to start with the right structure then create the right functioning of matter to produce consciousness and ixperiencitness. The phrase Structure and functioning is a shortened version of of the phrase Structure and functioning of matter and energy.

The concept of structure and functioning is applied to conscious producing groupings of matter such as a human body.

Science has a great deal of experimental proof that the brains functioning produces consciousness. When you change the structure or functioning of the brain enough you change or stop the consciousness and ixperiencitness being produced. If you stop the functioning of the brain so it stays in one structure, such as in freezing at absolute zero, there is no consciousness produced. There are many other ways of getting the brain to stop producing consciousness as well.

The term Connectome is used by some scientist to define the way a brain is wired by neurons. This is part of the structure of a brain but there is much more going one in the brain than just how it is wired each brain will have a different wiring that will change during the life of the person. There is likely a general wiring scheme for most normal brains. This basically means that there will be more neuron connections from one region of the brain to another specific region. For instance, more neurons connecting the eyes to the back part of the brain than to other regions. If a large number of brains are mapped for their specific connectome there wil be a statistical average of neurons being or having a specific pattern of neural connections. The Connectome is not the only way the brain is structured. Its geometric and topological shape can change in many ways without changing the pattern of interconnections. Many aspects of the synapses can be different such as number, size, placement, types of neuro transmitters etc. of the synapses. This is just one aspect of the neurons themselves. Neurons can have many properties in terms of shape, number of branches, geometry and topology of the neurons, and what they are individually made of in terms of chemicals cell wall thickness. The functioning can also be effected by external factors like gravity, electromagnetic fields and radiation, cosmic rays, speed and acceleration.

S&F is a shortened version of the concept of structure and functioning.

The concept of Multiplicity of conscious existence could be based on other things than the concept that structure and functioning produces consciousness. But then it is unlikely that it would be a scientific theory. See: supernatural multiplicity.

Structure and functioning of matter

The functioning of matter within a living body has been called the life force. When the matter no longer has the proper functioning it is no longer alive; the life fore, supposedly, is gone, so to speak. But unlike the life force, which is a supernatural concept, because there is no such physical thing as a life force, the functioning of matter in specific ways that perpetuate living beings does exist and can be studied and understood.