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We can start our understanding consciousness from any point on the conscious continuum. Since most people are interested in their own consciousness we define this as the original. This does not mean that you are the first or last original. What we want to know is how other consciousnesses are related to our own consciousness, and if we actually experience them as we are experiencing our current "original" consciousness. The term "original" is used as a starting point for comparison to other consciousnesses. It is like the 0,0 point on a two dimensional x,y graph.

Principles and equations relate the consciousness of originals with that of identireplicas, cidentireplicas, videntireplicas, isoidentireplicas musidentireplica, enhaidentireplica, insidentireplicas, simidentireplicas, and fidentireplicas in an effort to determine which will be a consciousness that the original can claim to experience, when they become actual; when they are produced.

Other similar terms used by the science of superimmortality are the original's awarepath, original's mentapath, original's physapath, original's physipath, original's epipath, original's body, original, oriawarepath, orimentapath, oriphysapath, oriphysipath, oriepipath, orisensepath, oriexternapath, orinternapath, and orienviropath.

There are types of originals depending on how they are produced and the perspective they have on reality. These types are Human original, coriginal, idoriginal, citoriginal, vitoriginal, fitoriginal, isoriginal, bioriginal, enhaoriginal, musoriginal, tritoriginal, simioriginal, comboriginal, insioriginal, and nrgoriginal.

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