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The term fidentireplica is made from the word identireplica and the first letter of the word fragmented. There are many conceivable ways of fragmenting a consciousness producing being or object. The ones that still produce consciousnesses are fidentireplicas. Specifically, fidentireplicas deal with versions of consciousnesses of the original created by the change in structure (and functioning) of the cidentireplica or videntireplica.

The fitoprocess deals with the steps of itofragmentation.

Fitoexperiments deal with fragmenting cidentireplicas. The outcome of these rational experiments are fitoprinciples. The way to produce fidentireplicas is covered in the fitoreplicaprocess

Fitoimmortality deal with the types of immortality that is created by the fitoprocess.

The fitoprocess can be applied to all types of itoidentireplicas so you can have enhanced fidentireplicas (enhafidentireplicas), mutual use fidentireplicas (musfidentireplicas), isomorphic fidentireplicas (isofidentireplicas), inclusive fidentireplicas (insifidentireplicas), degraded fidentireplicas (simifidentireplicas), energy enhanced fidentireplicas (nrgfidentireplicas), tranformational fidentireplicas (tritofidentireplicas), multiple type fidentireplicas (combofidentireplicas).

Itoidentireplicas is the grouping name for identireplicas, cidentireplicas, videntireplicas, fidentireplicas, enhaidentireplicas, insidentireplicas, musidentireplicas, tridentireplicas, isoidentireplicas, nrgidentireplicas, comboidentireplicas, and simidentireplicas.