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A Nrgidentireplica is pronounced by saying the letters n,r,g, and then adding identireplica. It sounds like "energy identireplica".

Nrgidentireplicas are identireplicas that produce consciousness by systems of atomic particles and pure energy rather than systems of matter and energy.

At least some versions of all the other types of itoidentireplica we can understand how to constructed them. But Nrgidentireplicas are different because we do not know how to control pure energy or subatomic particles, with pure energy or subatomic particles alone, to make the complex functioning that is needed to produce consciousness. It usually requires matter with the energy to have a complex system of functioning. Subatomic particles may be the needed mater in such situations, because they can maintain itoplacement. Of course itoplacement may not be necessary in the end either for producing consciousness.

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