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The videntireplica is the term for a variation on the original or cidentireplica. The difference can be as slight as a miniscule rotation of one atom between the original or cidentireplicas and the videntireplica. --- To any other possible combination of differences. But usually the videntireplica will have a version of the consciousness that the original has. For instance, the videntireplica could have exactly the same consciousness as the original but when he remembers the color of his grand mothers eyes he remembers them being a different color than the original does.

The physipath of the videntireplica will by definition always be different than that of the original's or cidentireplica's physipath. The consciouenss or awarepath of the videntireplica can be identical to that of the original if the physipath are enough alike, other wise it will be different from the original consciousness. If the awarepaths of the original and videntireplica are close enough alike they will have identical ixperiencitness. In other words they will be versions of each other. in a videntireplica has the same ixperiencitness as you do then he will be you, but from a different conscious perspective. Just like you are a different consciousness perspective now from what you were at any point in the past life or will be in any point in your future life.

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