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Isoidentireplicas is the term for any type of conscious producing object that is not biological such as a conscious computer. However it would have a processor that has the structure like the brain where you have parallel processing rather than a few bits of information processed at a time. The key question is can an isoidentireplica produce a human consciousness? And second can it produce a version of a consciousness that the original will experience as his own? in other words can an isoidentireplica produce a consciousness that you can experience. Since an isoidentireplica will be able to produce the behavior of a human when asked about what it is actually experiencing or if it thinks that it is conscious it will say yes in many situations. But can we trust what a machine says. An isoidentireplica is not programmed like a computer to say a particular thing or to respond in a particular way to a particular set of inputs.

Because an isoidentireplica would be functioning electronically it might be able to produce a human consciousness much faster than a brain does. So the consciousness of the original or a version of the original's consciousness might be produced by isoidentireplicas. Isoidentireplicas might be able to produce versions of the original's consciousness that a human body can't. It might be much easier to produce versions of the original's consciousness in an awarepaducer when the consciousness is produced electronically. Isoidentireplicas might be made in different ways than just biologically and electronically, such as photonically or using some sort of quantum computing. Also it would be easier to travel in space if your consciousness was produced electronically. Because you would not need air, food, water, the right temperature space suits and airlocks etc. Yet because of itomultiplicity this would actually be a version of you that is expereicing this consciousness.

One way of producing an original's consciousness is by way of isoidentireplicas.

The process of making isoidentireplicas is called the isoprocess. The isoprocess can be applied to the other types of itoidentireplicas. Some examples are isofidentireplica isovidentireplicas, isoenhaidentireplicas, isonrgidentireplicas, isosimidentireplicas, and isomusidentireplicas.

The isoreplicaprocess is where the original's consciousness and ixperiencitness --- awarepath and ixpepath is reproduced by a isoidentireplica.

Where an isoidentireplica is a non biological consciousness producing itobody, a bioidentireplica is a biological consciousness producing itobody. Humans are bioidentireplicas.

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