Isoidentireplica existence arguments

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Isoidentireplica existence arguments are arguments that show that isoidentireplicas can exist, can be conscious, can have an ixperiencitness and can have human and enhanced human ixperiencitnesses. The best proofs may be the experiments that show the construction of these isoidentireplicas and their consequent properties. But lacking that, at the moment, we have to construct rational experiments and mental constructions for existence proofs. Since on earth as far as we or I know isoidentireplica do not exist. The first part of the existence proof is a mental construction, in other words imaging what an isoidentireplica is made of. Then we imagine how it can be constructed. The first step is to try to duplicate the structure and functioning of the human brain in terms of electronic circuits. You need billions of neurons equivalent processors that are then connected in patterns like they are in the brain. This is not a computer but it is a pattern that can learn or be modify Certain patterns and types of functioning will not produce any consciousness. The structure and functioning needs to be finely tuned to duplicate a specific consciousness or ixperiencitness. The isophysapath that is produced by the isoidentireplica