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There are many different types of awarepaducers. They can be grouped into different groupings one such grouping is organic and inorganic. One type of organic awarepaducer would be a human. An example of an inorganic awarepaducer would be a conscious computer or if this is impossible a brain type structure that has NRDs and PNRDs in place of neurons. There can also be mixed awarepaducers such a human with a conscious computer implant. Another grouping is how many awarepaths are produced in an awarepaducer at one time. We usually think of a human as producing one consciousness or awarepath per body. But, there is no reason to think that an awarepaducer could not produce many awarepaths at the same time. Another possibility is one awarepaducer with many brains with out bodies connected to the awarepaducer such that the awarepaducer creates the sensepaths or (conscious realities) for the brains. Another possibility is a brain like structure that that is complex enough to produce many different awarepaths.

Theoretically a complex enough awarepaducer could produce any consciousness or awarepath.

Since an awarepaducer such as a human produces an ixperiencitness an awarepaducer is usually also a ixpepaducer as well.

Another name for an awarepaducer is a Consciousness Producing System.