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A Comboidentireplica is a combination of one or more types of itoidentireplica producing a unified consciousness. Examples of a comboidentireplica would be a human original with NRDs in place of a portion of the neurons. Or an original that has part of the brian enhanced or a fragmented isoidentireplica, or a fragmented enhaidentireplica, fragmented musidentireplica, or fragmented insidentireplica. Three level comboidentireplica would be a non biological, fragmented, musidentireplica.

Comboidentireplicas are combination identireplicas. This means that they are some combination of originals, idoriginals, coriginals, cidentireplicas, videntireplicas, isoidentireplicas, fidentireplicas, enhaidentireplicas, musidentireplicas, insidentireplicas, nrgidentireplicas, tridentireplicas, comboidentireplicas,and simidentireplicas, that produce consciousness and ixperiencitness.

A grouping of itoriginals and itoidentireplicas

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