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An idoriginal is an identically made original. It has as much right to being an original as the original does. In others words it has just as much right to have the same consciousness and ixperiencitness as the original does. It was born in the same way as the original and has the exact same characteristics as the cidentireplica does. The environment through out its whole life was exactly the same as the originals. Whereas a cidentireplica can start its existence at any time in the life of the original. It consequently does not have to have the same actual experiences to have the same memories. The idoriginal has the actual same experiences for the memories that the original does. See false memory argument

One way of looking at a idoriginal is that of being the original in an exactly identical parallel universe. But a parallel universe is not the only way an idoriginal can be created. It can also be created in this universe if enough of the conditions are right in some other place or time within this universe.

The concept of the idoriginal was developed to help in arguments for multiplicity. It is the closest thing to that of the original in terms of production. If it exists at the same time as the original it cannot contain the same matter. If it contains the same matter it cannot exist at the same time. The question that we first want to ask about the idoriginal is what will its consciousness be and second what will its ixperiencitness be. Will the ixperiencitness be the same as that of the originals? If not, then why not? If the ixperiencitness is the same then we have the simplest case of itomultiplicity. The idoriginal argument for multiplicity is an argument why the idoriginal will have the same awarepath and ixperiencitpath as the original.

The idoriginal has the exact same externapath that the original has, will have or did have.

An idoriginal is a cidentireplica of an original that was produced exactly the same way as the original was. This means the exact same environmental conditions for the exact same length of time. The difference between the original and the idoriginal is that the original is made of different matter and is in a different place and, or time.

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