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A cidentireplica is an exact functioning replica of an original over time. The word is made from parts of the three words continuing, identical, and replica. C ... identi ...replica. The cidentireplica is defined in terms of an original. Any one can be considered to be an original. So the concept of the cidentireplica can apply to anyone. Why is the concept important? This is because the cidentireplica has the exact same consciousness as the original. There are many rational arguments or proofs for this. If itomultiplicity is true then a cidentireplica has the same ixperiencitness as the original as well. The term cidentireplica is different from the term identireplica because there is no rule in the definition that an identireplica has to continue to have the same structure and functioning as the original has over time. The identireplica will most likely turn into a videntireplica or a variation of the originals structure and functioning, rather than a cidentireplica.

The identireplica is identical to the structure and functioning of the original at one moment in time or what is called an awarepoint. So it has the same consciousness as the original at one moment in time or awaremoment, then it diverges because of existing in a different environment form that of the original's, after that one moment in time. The divergence can be very fast or very slow with periods of possible convergence where the videntireplica becomes more like the original.

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