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Videntireplica is a version or variation to an identireplica over time. Whereas a cidentireplica is a continuing identireplica over a period of time. When a cidentireplica is no longer identical to the original because of the divergence of structure and functioning, for what ever reason it is a videntireplica. The word videntireplica is made from the word identireplica and the first letter of either the word version or variation.

Since the slightest variation in the cidentireplica makes it a videntireplica, there are an extremely large amount of videntireplicas that can be considered for each original or cidentireplica.

Some of the questions you can ask about videntireplicas are: When does a videntireplica have the same consciousness as an original? When does a videntireplica have the same ixperiencitness as an original?

Slight variations in the cidentireplica will still produce the same consciousness as the original. If the variation in structure and functioning is large enough the consciousness will eventually diverge. if the consciousness diverges enough the ixperiencitness will diverge as well. If the ixperiencitness diverges enough in the videntireplica it will no longer be producing a consciousness that can be called a version of the original's consciousness. If you are the original in question you will not experience these consciousnesses.

The videntireplica over time corresponds to a vitophysipath. And the consciousnesss produced over time is called the vitoawarepath. A grouping of vitopaths is called a vitovenue. This grouping of vitoawarepaths can have the same ixperiencitness.

A continuum structure made from awarepaths is called an awarecontinuum.

Other types of identireplicas are cidentireplicas, fidentireplicas, isoidentireplicas, enhaidentireplicas, musidentireplicas, comboidentireplicas, tridentireplicas, nrgidentireplicas, insidentireplicas and simidentireplicas.

Videntireplica based immortality is called vitoimmortality.