If nature produced you once why can't it do it again?

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If nature produced you once why can't it do it again? If you can only exist once through out all time and space including all universes, the number corresponding to the concept of degrees of itofreedom that applies to you is 1. If you could never have existed under any circumstances it would be zero. The larger the number corresponding to the degrees of itofreedom the more likely you are to be alive again.

Degrees of Itofreedom are increased by each types of itobody that can produce your ixperiencitness.

How exact do the conditions have to be to produce you again? If they have to be exactly the same as the first time, how likely is this to happen? What are the conditions that are not necessary for producing you again? Before we start we have to have some definition of what you are, so that we can actually say that you have been produced again. What are the necessary conditions for you to exist after death? What will produce these necessary conditions again? What is necessary for you, may not be necessary for someone else when considering you existing again. What is necessary to satisfy someone else's requirement to exist again after death. Actually, it might be easier to ask you what you need for a loved one to exist again after death? We do not even have to say after death, we can say what is necessary for them to just continue in life from your perspective. It becomes a situation of your conscious perspective. It does not require much just that you think that they are a continuation of the same person there is this person and the look and act approximately the same. Under the right circumstances you can be convinced that they are the same person even if their looks and behavior drastically changes over a short period of time, if you have some explanation such as accident or trauma (or magical event) causing the change. You cannot see into the consciousness of another person so you you really do not know if they are the same person or not over time.