Your many different lives

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This page in a listing of stories, that in different ways help, hopefully, people understand how the different concepts of itomultiplicity applies to them. If you have a short story that is applicable, we can add it to the list and link it. These and other stories are in the process of being completed (as is the whole web site) so be patient. Thanks!

Your many different lives
List of stories
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Socrates The concept of Socrates applied to the concept of itomultiplicity; Teaching multiplicity to Socrates using the socratic method [1].

The wall This is a story about the past.

Tim's time travels An adventure about time travel that is possible because of the application of itomultiplicity.

The landing About the making of famous people long after they have died.

The travelers this is a adventure story about traveling around the earth that could not exist in our reality but exists in the potential consciousness continuum as a version of each of our consciousnesses. This means that if this particular set of S&F are actually produced you will experience them.

Oh God This story is about how god like consciousness might be produced by fidentireplicas. And if god or gods do not exist, how possibly we can or will produce god like consciousness, and how in a way they will be us. Rather than gods made humans, humans make gods.

Adam#n This is about space travel using the ideas of itomultiplicity.

Many wondrous things This story is about all the amazing different consciousness that can exist in the future, many of them, when they are produced, you will experience, just like you are experiencing your current life.

The maintenance manchine Uses principles about isoidentireplicas and awarepaducers in creating many different consciousness.

Mortalnot This story shows by an examples why singularity theories of are not coherent.

Superguy Shows how the concept of enhancement and superpaths will effect your conscious experience and existence.

The murderer This story deals with social issues dealing with itomultiplicity.

Ty This story is about consciousness that actually sees through experiences in its consciousness that itomultiplicity can be true.

The consciousness designer This story deals with the concept of conscious control of the production of consciousness.

Lost universe This story deals with multiple universes, awarepaducers and physipaducers.

Magic man This story deals with actual awarepaths that have what you might call have magical abilities

The farmers A future reality based on sciences ability to create new species for all sort of positive reasons.

Max Joy This story is about the concept of producing awarepaths that have extremely happy, exciting etc. kind of lives

Keeper Joe This story is about the awarepaths of people whose lives center on producing the vast array of different awarepaths that cannot or should not be created by reality directly.

Fidentiverse This story is about when the universe is a awarepaducer using the fitoprocess

The orchard A story about a variation on reality

Mike and Spike

Just lion