Cidentireplica behavior proof

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A cidentireplica will have the exact same behavior as the original because of the definition of cidentireplica. A cidentireplica is a continuing exact functioning replica of the original. It has the exact same structure and functioning as does the original. So no matter how small or large a part of the cidentireplica is examined it will have the exact same structure and functioning as the same part in the original. So the mouth will move in the exact same way as the original producing he exact same words as does the original, so any question that is asked of the cidentireplica it will respond the same as does the original. Any gestures or movements will be identical as well because all the muscles will be functioning exactly the same as well. If this is not the case it will no longer be a cidentireplica it will be a videntireplica of the original.

A cidentireplica will always have the exact same behavior as the original. This is true by the definition of cidentireplica. The cidentireplica will self report that he has the same consciousness as does the original. This gives evidence that the cidentireplica actually has the consciousness of the original and less likely that he has the consciousness identical as some other different person or itobody with a different behavior.

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