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Itomultiplicity is the term for part of the science of superimmortality that deals with the concept that there are many different ways to produce the same consciousness and ixperiencitness in other consciousness producing bodies.

  1. Arguments for multiplicity
  2. Three types of identity proofs
  3. The body does not experience the consciousness, the consciousness experiences the body argument
  4. Itoarguments
  5. Itofazspace existence arguments, Itofazpart existence arguments, Itofazmoment existence arguments, Itofazsection existence arguments, Itofazpath existence arguments, Itofazvenue existence arguments, Itofazregion existence arguments, Itofazcontinuum existence arguments, Itofazmulticontinuum existence arguments
  6. Itoevidence, Itoarguments, and Itoproofs
  7. First Rational Experiment Argument for Identity and Multiplicity of Conscious Existence
  8. Cidentireplica identity of consciousness argument: a detailed arguments that shows that a cidentireplica will have the same consciousness as an original
  9. False memory argument with the right or by creating one of a set of right S&F in the brain of a conscious being (human) any memory can be produced about any experience.
  10. Specific brain/ specific mind argument for singularity
  11. Personal identity versus conscious identity argument is about the confusion between the two and how personal identity theories do not solve the problem of understanding issues of survival, life after death, and immortality,
  12. Split body/brain arguments deals with the problems that singularity has with rational experiments about body division.
  13. Speed of assimilation of matter arguments deals with how fast matter can be replaced in a human or other awarepaducer and still produce he same consciousness and ixperiencitness.
  14. Argument against immortality
  15. Multiplicity produces a scientific theory argument this argument shows that multiplicity makes the most scientific system
  16. Rational experiments arguments These are types of arguments based on rational experiments
  17. Simplicity argument for multiplicity Multiplicity makes a simpler theory than the other theories about conscious existence
  18. Explanatory argument for multiplicity Multiplicity explains more than the other theories do.
  19. Predictive argument for multiplicity Multiplicity is more predictive than the other theories.
  20. Technology argument for multiplicity Multiplicity is the most technological useful of the theories. It tells you what is necessary to make a specific consciousness and ixperiencit.
  21. Arguments for and against singularity This arguments deals why people believe in singularity and why these beliefs are misguided
  22. First experiment argument is a rational argument dealing with experimental evidence. It applies to proving that cidentireplicas and original have both the same consciousness and ixperiencit.
  23. Assimilation of matter arguments deals with the confusion about the need for assimilation of matter in producing the same ixperiencit.
  24. Ixperiencit simplicity mapping argument shows one argument why multiplicity based on S&F is a simpler theory than singular or non existent theories of conscious existence .
  25. Ixperiencit coherence mapping argument shows one argument why multiplicity based on S&F is more coherent than other consciousness theories
  26. Beautiful theory argument: Multiplicity make a beautiful scientific theory.
  27. Coherence argument for multiplicity Multiplicity is the most coherent theory with the rest of science and coherent within its own structure.
  28. Counting argument for multiplicity Zuboff uses a counting argument for universality it also works for multiplicity.
  29. Environmental argument for multiplicity shows why multiplicity is best theory for the environment.
  30. Moral argument for multiplicity: Multiplicity solves many moral problems.
  31. Most optimistic theory argument Multiplicity's existence creates a very optimistic personal and world view.
  32. Alien argument for multiplicity Sufficiently advanced alien societies will understand these ideas about multiplicity and use them. This can reduce or eliminate many interplanetary conflicts.
  33. Superpath argument for multiplicity is the argument that superawarepaths can be created that have enhanced consciousnesses but still have the same ixperiencitness.
  34. Supersociety argument for multiplicity There are many benefits for the existence of a supersociety that contains superphysipaths. We do not have to be afraid of these super consciously enhanced people because they will be versions of us and know that we are also versions of them, if multiplicity is true. There are so many more superpath versions of each of us than there are normal versions of us. Super societies are needed to allow superpath versions of us to exist.
  35. Arguments against universality gives reasons why the universality theory of conscious existence is likely not correct.
  36. Idoriginal argument for multiplicity This argument is for the simplest easiest to achieve form of multiplicity that of idoriginal existence
  37. Awarepaducer argument for multiplicity Awarepaducers allows for much greater diversity of consciousness existence.
  38. Diversity argument for multiplicity Multiplicity does not need limited diversity of conscious existence.
  39. Animal argument for multiplicity The concept of multiplicity of consciousness applies to animals as well as to humans
  40. Religious argument for multiplicity Religions want to limit the range of conscious experience to only their religious beliefs. A total religious world can be created in an awarepaducer where no other versions of our consciousnesses have to suffer because of the religious dogmas, but all the religious versions of ourselves of a certain type can coexist.
  41. Isoidentireplica existence arguments These are reasons why isoidentireplicas probably exist or can exist,
  42. Isoidentireplica use arguments
  43. Fidentireplica existence arguments These are reasons why fidentireplicas probably exist or can exist,
  44. Fidentireplica use arguments
  45. Videntireplica memory argument Videntireplicas can have true memories of the original's life that the original has forgotten about or has remembered incorrectly. The videntireplica could even have many more correct memories of the original life than the original does. Since different videntireplicas have different correct memories of the original life, their sum total of memories is closer to that of previous awaremoments of the original than the original is.
  46. Cidentireplica memory argument is the argument that the cidentireplica will have the exact same memories as it's original. This is experimental proof tying the consciousness of the original to that of the cidentireplica.
  47. Singularity bias argument gives specific written examples of bias thinking against multiplicity
  48. Insignificant argument