Itocontinuum Theory of Consciousness

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The Itocontinuum Theory of Consciousness

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Itoprinciples itoconcepts itoexperiments

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Physicepts: Physipoint Physimoment, Physisection, Physipath, Physivenue, Physicontinuum

Behaviorcepts: Behaviorpoint Behaviormoment, Behaviorsection, Behaviorpath, Behaviorvenue, Behaviorcontinuum

Awarecepts: Awarepoint Awaremoment, Awaresection, Awarepath, Awarevenue, Awarecontinuum

Physacepts: Physapoint Physamoment, Physasection, Physapath, Physavenue, Physacontinuum

Mentacepts: Mentapoint Mentamoment, Mentasection, Mentapath, Mentavenue, Mentacontinuum

Ixpecepts: Ixpepoint Ixpemoment, Ixpesection, Ixpepath, Ixpevenue, Ixpecontinuum

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Produexperiments, Produprinciples, produproofs


Externacepts: Externapoints Externamoments, Externasections, Externapaths, Externavenues, Externacontinuums

Internacepts: Internapoints Internamoments, Internasections, Internapaths, Internavenues, Internacontinuums

QMcepts: QMpoints QMmoments, QMsections, QMpaths, QMvenues, QMcontinuums

Sensecepts: Sensepoints Sensemoments, Sensesections, Sensepaths, Senseavenues, Sensecontinuums

Effectexperiments, Effectprinciples, Effectproofs

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Oripath is the name for the different types of itopaths for originals such as oriphysipath and oriawarepaths.

Idopaths are the itopaths of idoriginals.

Citopaths is the general name for the different types of itopaths for cidentireplicas.

Vitopaths are the itopaths of videntireplicas.

Isopaths are the itopaths of isoidentireplicas.

Fitopaths are the itopaths of fidentireplicas.

Enhapaths are the itopaths of enhaidentireplicas.

Insipaths are the itopaths of insidentireplicas.

Muspaths are the itopaths of musidentireplicas.

Combopaths are the itopaths of comboidentireplicas.

Nrgpaths are the itopaths of nrgidentireplicas.

Tritopaths are the itopaths of tridentireplicas.

Simipaths are the itopaths of simidentireplicas.

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Awarevenues is a concept driven grouping of awarepaths. For example, all the awarepaths that Albert Einstein would experience, or all the different awarepaths that you would experience.

Physivenue is a grouping of physipaths. Physipaths can be grouped in many different ways. One way, for instance, is all the physipaths that produce the same ixperiencit. In other words all the different physipaths that produce awarepaths that you will experience when or if they are created.



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Awarecontinuum a complete awarecontinuum contains all possible awarepaths in a continuum structure where the awarepaths that are closest alike are closest together in a multidimensional mathematical structure. There are many ways of creating an awarecontinuum depending on the purpose of the structure.

Physicontinuum is a continuum of physipaths.




Epicontinuums are ways of organizing complex arrays of information. Episteme is the greek word for knowledge. Awarecontinuums and Physicontinuums are types of epicontinuums. An epicontinuum not only shows how an actual system of knowledge is, it also show all the potential ways that it could be in a structure. Where between any two systems of actual knowledge there can be many different potential versions where one or more changes are made or varied. Mathematical Epistemology is the science that studies epicontinuums mathematically.

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Itopoint mapping

Itomoment mapping

Itosection mapping

Itopath mapping

Itocontinuum mapping is the concept that different types of continuums can be mapped together. for example an physicontinuum awarecontinuum mapping could be that every physipath is mapped to every awarepath. It does not have to be a one to one mapping because many different physipaths can map to each awarepath. Another mapping would an epicontinuum mapped to a physicontinuum, where the epicontinuum contains knowledge on many or all the different ways to create each specific physipath.

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