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The sensepath is all the input that comes from the senses that effects the physipath. The senses are sight, hearing, smell, taste, and feeling. Each sense has it own path. These paths are called: sightpath, hearingpath, smellpath, tastepath, and feelingpath. The combination of the five creates the sensepath. The sensepath can be very different than it is. If we combine all the different sensepaths that are possible we have a sensecontinuum. Only part of the sensecontinuum can be applied to each person because people have different amounts of neurons coming from the senses with many other body specific limitations. Consequently, many slight variations of the sensepath will have the same effect on the physipath thus producing the same awarepath.

Sensepaths is the term for the grouping of all the stimulation coming from the different senses over a period of time. It is a sequence of sensemoments. The effect that the sensepath will have on the physipath (and consequently awarepath) will vary depending on how it effects the different structures and functioning's of different physipaths. The same sensesection might inrage one person and make another person happy.(think politics, sports, religion,)

Sensepath principles

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Types of sensepaths

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Sensespace is a grouping name for:

  1. Sensepoint is a point on a sensepath or sensespace.
  2. Sensemoment is the shortest section of a sensepath that corresponds to an awaremoment.
  3. Sensesection is a part of a sensepath of any length usually longer than a sensemoment. The part of the sensepath that you experienced in the past ten minutes, 2 hours, 5 days, 7 years are all examples of differents lenght of a sensesection.
  4. Sensepath is all the sense stimulation that effects an itobody or itobrain moment to moment over the life of the itobody. There are an enumerable amount of different sensepaths that can effect an itobody. They can be produced naturally by nature or artificially by a sensepaducer. A video game is a partial sensepaducer because it does not control the input to all parts of all of the senses. How your brain is stimulated by your senses, in your life, is your sensepath. The same sensepath that you expereince could have been applied to one or more other persons creating different awarepaths.
  5. Sensevenue is a concept based grouping of of sensepaths.
  6. Senseregion is a grouping of itospaces that have concept defined boundaries usually larger than an awarevenue and it does not have to contain complete awarepaths.
  7. Sensecontinuum can be defined as the grouping of all possible sensespaces. In other words it is a grouping of every possible sensepath that can effect an itobody.

Physipath is made up of the internapath and the influence of the externapath and qmpath. the internapath is how the itobody or itobrain functions with out any external influences in a newtonian physics fashion. Given all the initial physical conditions the internapath will always function the same way over time. However, either for lack of knowing or using all of the initial conditions, or because of the truly random nature of matter predicted by quantum mechanics, each internapath will diverge over time with out any external influences. This change of the internapath over time is called the Qmpath. it is extremely unlikely that any two identical internapaths will every have the same qmpath effecting it.

The externapath can be divided into the enviropath and the sensepath.

The enviropath can be broken down into the injurypath, diseasepath, forcepath, chempath, etc

The sensepath can be divided down into the tastepath, sightpath, hearingpath, smellpath, and feelingpath and any other senses that might applied to a particular itobody For instance, bats have echo location or dolphins have a sonar sensing ability. We can also imagine all types of different senses for sensing the different electromagnetic spectrum like infrared or ultraviolet light.

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