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A little known truth is that…
Knowledge is power...Knoweledge is safety...Knowledge is happiness!
~ Thomas Jefferson
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Knowledge and Awaretheory

Knowledge is consciousness
Knowledge has a more complex meaning when the ideas presented in awaretheory are understood. Awaretheory allows for there to be many awarepaths that seem to exist in worlds where what is knowledge is much different than what is true in what we believe to be this reality. The same consciousness and ixperiencitness that exist in this reality could find itself in a world where many truths or knowledge in this reality are false and what is false in reality is true in this new reality.

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Mathematics is one way to represent knowledge
What makes something knowledge? Usefulness is a very important aspect of knowledge. There are many ways that something can be useful. For instance, knowing some aspect of a fiction novel is a form of knowledge. It can be useful depending on the situation that you are in. This knowledge might impress someone leading to some reward. A fiction novel is not supposed to be true But awaretheory says that the people and event that actually are described in the novel could exist in reality but more likely exist in an artificially produced awarepath. Knowledge can place a time and place for the existence or production of an awarepath. It can also be knowledge about its relationship to reality. For instance, is it directly sensing reality, indirectly sensing reality, having a reality produced by a sensepaducer or awarepaducer. If the reality is produced by the experience machine, how much of the reality created by the sensepaducer is real and how much is imaginary?.

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Wisdom is knowledge
Some people believe that certain facts are true or false in all realities. For instance, that there can not be a square circle. It might be possible that square circles do exist in other realities with different kinds of space. Sensepaths could be created where depending how you look at it, it is either a circle or a square. A consciousness could be created where it actually is seen as both a circle and a square at the same time.

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The human body is a type of itobody that produces consciousness and ixperiencitness
There are many different aspects of knowledge related to consciousness. There are many different conscious versions of each ixperiencitness and each conscious version contains different knowledge about reality and itself. Each time we are born we have very little knowledge of what we are. We have no ideas of what we can experience or what makes us what we are. We learn many things in life and we learn about death. We do not understand why we are here so we develop stories about why were exist and the reality that we exist in. These stories develop into belief systems, cultures, and religions. There exists many consciousness that know about consciousnesses at a much higher level, that still have the same ixperiencitness. Consciousnesses do not have to go through the process of rebirth where all knowledge is lost and the structure and functioning of the brain has to be redeveloped over time through expereinces and education to reach a greater understanding of the self as being multiple and broadly encompassing of much potential conscious existence.

The Hindus and Buddhists understand life through the concepts related to reincarnation. The goal is to end the cycling of lives and end up in a higher plane of unified conscious existence with all consciousnesses as one. Consciousnesses do no have to cycle through endless cycles of ignorance. Through science and technology we can modify the types and progressions of consciousness with a control of the ixperiencitnesses produced. We do not have to be stuck in the endless cycle of starting over with no knowledge and understanding of anything.

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Is there a consciousness that represents every aspect of reality? Is every consciousness that exists an aspect of reality? Are there many consciousness that deal with every other consciousness? Or is there a limit to how complex a structure that produces consciousness is?

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