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Reincarnation is different from the multiplicity theory of conscious existence. These are some of the reasons First, reincarnation is based on singularity not itomultiplicity. Reincarnation is connected to some soul like entity. Itomultiplicity theory has no need for such thing as a soul. With multiplicity theory you are tied together by similarities in structure and functioning, thus similarities in conscious experience.

The ultimate goal of reincarnation, in some religious beliefs, is the end of the reincarnation process for the individual, as if conscious existence and conscious perspectives are bad things. Conscious existence does not have to be all about suffering. There are many awarepaths for each person that can be good, enjoyable, and worth while etc.

In reincarnation there is supposed to be some natural force of nature that guarantees each person's reincarnation. There is no such thing in multiplicity theory. In multiplicity theory your future conscious existence depends on two things. First nature randomly creating a structure and functioning that produces your consciousness. And second, some conscious being or group of beings, and some of them can be versions of you, deliberately creating structures and functioning that produce other versions of your conscious existence.

Because multiplicity theory allows us, and shows us, how to control our own conscious destinies, it produces a very positive belief system compared to reincarnation based belief systems.

For more information on reincarnation go here:[1]

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