Ixperiencitness concept

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Ixperiencitness is the concept that there is more to conscious existence through time than consciousness and the body that produces it. There is a self evident concept that is necessary for understanding conscious survival, life after death and immortality. This concept is that for conscious survival to exist for you, you have to experience being conscious. "I experience it" or ixperiencit means I experience the consciousness that is being produced by what ever means or body. The relation between conscious and consciousness is the same sort of relationship as between ixperiencit and Ixperiencitness. The concept of ixperiencitness gets us out of the trap of assuming that the body is the key to determining conscious existence through time. What ever body that we think we have may be just produced by a sensepath and is not actually producing our consciousness at all. A specific body may not produce the same ixperiencitness through out its life time. If the structure and functioning of the body produces consciousness as awaretheory predicts then identical or close approximation of the structure and functioning in another body will produce the same consciousness. Awaretheory predicts that the same consciousness has the same ixperiencitness. Consequently, the same or close approximation of the structure and functioning will produce the same ixperiencitness. If you experience the consciousness produced in another body then it is a case of conscious survival for you. If your original body is dead then it is a case of life after death for you. If the original or you are still alive it is a case of multiplicity of your conscious existence in more than one body at the same time.

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