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One of the first steps in understanding a thing, process idea, concept, etc., is naming it.

The concepts in awaretheory are arranged in super lists that have properties in common.

Lists of superlists

Itoconcepted Itofazspace Superlists, Itosuperlist, List of Superlists, Aware theory Superlist

The scientific study consciousness and ixperiencitness is the most complicated and extensive science because it deals with all the different kinds of consciousness that can exist, how to produce them, which consciousness have which ixperiencitnesses, which itofazpaths map to which other itofazpaths. And since all knowledge is consciousness or directly related to consciousness, the study of consciousness includes all the knowledge about everything in many different ways and forms.

Currently there are over 30,000 new terms and phrases defining new ideas and concepts that deal with consciousness and ixperiencitness in awaretheory. There are also thousands more that are named but not yet defined. Every known chemical (millions), and every known life form (millions) is named or eventually named and defined with ever increasing knowledge about it. There are more types of consciousness and concepts about consciousness than there are for all the other scientifically named objects or concepts.

See Also

See also: Itoconcepted Itofazspace Superlists, Itosuperlist, Aware theory superlist, List of Superlists, Ixperiencitness, Diagram superlist, Awaretheory simplified, Structural Functional Materialism The mathematics of survival, life after death, and immortality, itofazequations superlist, itoequations, fazequations, itoanalogies, citoequations, mathematical epistemology, sensepath, internapath, externapath,

Progressive Itofazpath, Regressive Itofazpath, Digressive Itofazpath, Successive Itofazpath, Influential Itofazpath, Directed Itofazpath, Quondamic Itofazpath, Futuristic Itofazpath, Historical Itofazpath, Prospective Itofazpath, Expective Itofazpath, Functioned Itofazpath, Concepted Itofazpath, Mixed Itofazpath, Synthesized Itofazpath, Natural Itofazpath, Peripatetic Itofazpath,

Progressive Itospace, Regressive Itospace, Digressive Itospace, Successive Itospace, Influential Itospace, Directed Itospace, Quondamic Itospace, Futuristic Itospace, Historical Itospace, Prospective Itospace, Expective Itospace, Functioned Itospace, Concepted Itospace, Mixed Itospace, Synthesized Itospace, Natural Itospace, Peripatetic Itospace,

Progressive Fazspace, Regressive Fazspace, Digressive Fazspace, Successive Fazspace, Influential Fazspace, Directed Fazspace, Quondamic Fazspace, Futuristic Fazspace, Historical Fazspace, Prospective Fazspace, Expective Fazspace, Functioned Fazspace, Concepted Fazspace, Mixed Fazspace, Synthesized Fazspace, Natural Fazspace, Peripatetic Fazspace,

Progressive Itofazspace, Regressive Itofazspace, Digressive Itofazspace, Successive Itofazspace, Influential Itofazspace, Directed Itofazspace, Quondamic Itofazspace, Futuristic Itofazspace, Historical Itofazspace, Prospective Itofazspace, Expective Itofazspace, Functioned Itofazspace, Concepted Itofazspace, Mixed Itofazspace, Synthesized Itofazspace, Natural Itofazspace, Peripatetic Itofazspace,

Expepoint, Expemoment, Expesection, Expepath, Expevenue, Experegion, Expecontinuum, Expemulticontinuum, Expespace, experiments

Itoexpefazspace superlist 1143, Itoexpefazspace Discontinuities Superlist 1143, Itoexpefazspace Boundaries Superlist 1143, Itoexpefazspace Anomalies Superlist 1143, Itoexpefazspace Inconsistencies Superlist 1143, Itoargufazspace superlist 1143, Itoundefazspace superlist 1143,

Itointernafazspace, Itoexternafazspace, Itosensefazspace, Itoqmfazspace, Itoexpespace, Itoexpefazspace itoconcepts, fazconcepts,

Epitofazpoint, Epitofazmoment, Epitofazsection, Epitofazpath, Epitofazvenue, Epitofazregion, Epitofazcontinuum, Epitofazmulticontinuum, Epitofazspace, itofazpoint, itofazmoment, itofazsection, itofazpath, itofazvenue, itofazregion, itofazcontinuum, itofazmulticontinuum, itofazspace, fazspace, itospace,

repeating itofazpaducers, enhancing itofazpaducers, extending itofazpaducers, improving itofazpaducers, connecting itofazpaducers, uniting itofazpaducers, problem solving itofazpaducers, explaining itofazpaducers, comprehending itofazpaducers, comprehending itofazpaducers, rewarding itofazpaducers, fulfilling itofazpaducers, combining itofazpaducers, observing itofazpaducers, teaching itofazpaducers, synthesizing itofazpaducers, versional itofazpaducers, comprehending itofazpaducers, magical itofazpaducers, fictional itofazpaducers, science fictional itofazpaducers, introspective itofazpaducers,