The mathematics of survival, life after death, and immortality

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The mathematics of survival, life after death, and immortality is being developed slowly based on the ideas physical materialism that the structure and functioning of the brain and nervous system produces consciousness. There are no supernatural concepts used or needed in or for this mathematics. This mathematics of immortality has a long way to go to become organized, simplified consistent, logical and a finished mathematical product. Please be patient! Part of the mathematics was originally created in a word processing language that did not transport over to the wiki format. It has been a learning process to convert the symbols over to the standard mathematics format and of course to extend the ideas. Luckily, It took ten months from the beginning of this web site before the actual equation generator program was installed.

Do not expect all the equations to be right or correct because they are not edited or put in the right mathematical form nor are they explained as well as they should be and in many cased not at all. it is a creation process because most of the mathematical symbolism does not exist for these equations and it is certainly not standardized. Much of the mathematical symbolism it seemed could be improved. There are only a small rather limited amount of symbols that I can use at this time. But it does simplify the process of picking symbols having fewer to pick from but sometimes the symbols do not represent the concepts as well as they might.

Here is an example of what I hope the mathematics will be like in the relatively near future:

The symbol represents the ideas that the next equation is an expansion or elaboration of the previous equation thus giving more specific information about a specific term or symbol. Because the structure and functioning of itobodies is so complex concepts about structure and functioning can be elaborated to an ever increasing amount until all the possible information about the itobodies is represented in numerical, scientific, relational and conceptual forms.

The symbol represents mental equality which means both conscious equality and ixperiencit equality.

"Ito" represents the different types of ways that consciousness and ixperiencitness can be produced by itobodies such as originals or videntireplicas etc..

The symbol represent the combination of the symbols that represent the concepts that deal with the production of the itobodies.

is the symbol that represents the actual place that the itobody was produced or comes from. The concept is called itoautochthonality.

is the symbol that represents when the itobody was produced. The concept is called itoperoration, which is a combination of the concepts of itoinception and itotermination.

is the symbol that represents why the itobody was produced in the first place. The concept is called itocausality.

is the symbol that represents who or what produced or created the itobody. The concept is called itocreation.

is the symbol that represents how the itobody was produced. The concept is called itomodality.

is the symbol that represents the knowledge about the itobody and the knowledge used to produce it. The concept is called Itoerudition.

This equation represents the concepts that two different identireplicas, templated from two different originals, made of different matter, in a different place and time, with different production conditions will have the same mentality when they have a number of specific types of small variations to the structure and functioning defined by in a universe or region of a universe, with the same physical laws controlling structure and functioning. This statement put is a more simplified way represents the concept that there are many ways of creating any particular person's consciousness and ixperiencitness through space and time, using many different groupings of matter, and being produced in many different ways. These equations representing the same complex concept in a relatively simply way, that can be manipulated in many ways to represent variation to the concept.

itoproduction equations