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Awaretheory simplified

Awaretheory is just a name for web site The purpose of the web site is the development of a new or a number of new sciences with their corresponding mathematics and technology and then the universal, easy, and free spread of these scientific ideas through the internet. For most people these ideas will be very different from what they currently believe.

What ties together two or more different bodies in space and or time, in order to allow for life after death or immortality to occur, is not a body, a specific grouping of matter, or a continuousness or continuity of memories, consciousness, body, or soul, as most thinkers have argued, but the structure and functioning of the brain. Although the structure and functioning of the brain is extremely complex it is scientifically understandable and approximately reproducible, naturally or deliberately. This structure and functioning over time can be given a name the physapath and the consciousness that the physapath produces is the awarepath. The I experience it test determines if some other body produces a consciousness that you experience. You can say that the consciousness that you are now experiencing is a case of survival for yourself. The exact same structure and functioning in a different brain will pass the same ixperiencit test for you. As will a very large amount of closely approximate structures and functionings. Just like all the different variations in structures and functionings that your body had produced all through your life time and will produce in the future.

1. Structure and functioning of the brain produces consciousness. There is overwhelming scientific evidence for this that keeps increasing with time.

2. Exactly duplicate any brain's structure and functioning with any matter, at any time, and place and you duplicate the same behavior, which is very strong evidence that you will be producing and duplicating the same consciousness.

3. In most cases approximately duplicating the structure and functioning of the brain will approximately duplicate the same consciousness.

4. Usually the closer the approximation of the replica's brain's structure and functioning to the original's brain's structure and functioning the closer the replica's consciousness will be to that of the original's consciousness.

5. What is required for survival, life after death, and immortality, for you, is that you experience being conscious.

6. You can experience many different consciousnesses. If you could not, then you would not plan for all the possible different things that you can do in the future, or think about all the things you could have done differently in the past. Each different life that you could have lived or will live corresponds to a different structure and functioning of the brain.

7. Because you can experience many different consciousnesses, there are many different structures and functionings of a brain that will produce a consciousness that you will experience when they are produced.

8. You can understand these ideas and can work toward your survival, life after, and immortality, by using science and technology to produce the structures and functionings that corespond to a consciousness that you will experience.

9. Because more than one replica of you with your brains structure and functioning or approximate structures and functionings can exist at the same time there can be more than one person that produces a consciousness that you experience at one time.

10. Since you do not know which persons are versions of you, there are good reasons to treat other people as decently as possible without causing your current conscious perspective or current self to suffer needlessly.

11. There are enhanced structures and functionings producing enhanced consciousnesses that you will experience if or when they are produced. These enhanced consciousnesses can help produce knowledge about the universe and how to produce consciousnesses in general. They can also help insure that conscious beings survive into the future through difficult times, thus helping to insure your conscious survival long into the future.

12. There are many consciousnesses that can be produced in an experience machine, that you will experience, when they are produced, that cannot be produced by reality directly. These consciousnesses can include what might be called magical, irrational, normally considered impossible, heaven like, hell like, etc., experiences. Right now, the consciousness that you experience might already be produced this way.

13. You are more than what you experience at this very moment from your limited conscious perspective. At the very least we see ourselves as more than just our present moment of consciousness. This is because most people believe that they will experience a life time of experiences, all of which they will experience in the same personal kind of way as they are experiencing this current conscious moment.

14. You do not and will not experience every possible different consciousness that can be produced.

15. There can exist consciousnesses that you experience, when they are produced, that tie together different consciousnesses, or different points on the same or different consciousnesses.

16. There are or can be versions of your consciousnesses that understand this theory and use it to produce life after death, and immortality for you, in a sense, like a god helping you out making your life better or longer and giving you immortality.

17. These ideas apply to all conscious beings throughout out the universe.

18. There are other ways to produce consciousnesses that you experience besides the structure and functioning of a biological human brain.

19. There are or can be very good rational arguments and experimental evidence for each of these above statements. The more that we understand about reality the more proof that we will have for each of these above statements.

20. The consciousness and ixperiencitness of any one that has ever lived before, and has died, can be recreated by reproducing the approximate structure and functioning of that person's brain while he she was alive.

21. Knowledge about the structure and functioning of itobodies, and how to produce them, plus what consciousnesses and ixperiencitnesses these structures and functioning produce, exists in such a way, that this knowledge can be generated scientifically so that conscious beings can use it, and then archive it for future use.

22. The concept that your conscious survival is tied to one body, or one soul, and not to the structure and functioning of the nervous system had lead thinkers astray from the fact that applied scientific materialism is the only actual way to achieve life after death and even immortality besides the random generation by nature of structures and functionings that produce consciousness.

23. There are many types of experience machines. The actual human body is but one type of experience machine.

24. Some people wish to be united with loved ones after death. All that is required for this to happen is the production one of many different versions of structures and functioning of a brain or equivalent that produce your consciousness that is about experiencing your loved ones. Of course, the consciousness of your actual loved ones can be produced as well by producing one of the many different correct structure and functioning that produce a version of their consciousnesses that they will experience.

25. Life after death does not require a god to produce it. But there can be many enhanced conscious versions of yourself that you experience, just like you will experience your future consciousnesses, that can act like a god in their ability to help you have a better life with advanced technology. Even enhanced versions of your loved one can act like gods in this way to help you.

The simplest way of looking at aware theory's conception of the interconectivity of consciousness is that a specific physasection always produces a specific mentasection and ixpesection. This means that all the other factors like having a soul, being connected by way of a body or specific consciousness or memories, is not important for producing a consciousness that you experience. There are a large group of physasections that when ever they are produced you will experience the corresponding consciousness. Any number of these physasections that you will expereince their awaresections can be created at the same time. You do not have to be aware of their existence any more than if your future or past self used a time machine to travel to the present time and you are not aware of it. They are you existing at the same time as you yet you are not experiencing what they are experiencing. Each moment of of consciousness is always experienced by the same ixperiencitness. This does not mean that a different person or physamoment can not be externally influenced in exactly the same as you are now with the identical sensations to the senses and forces and chemicals applied to the body. But because the internamoment will be different the same externamoment applied to the internamoment will produce a different physamoment thus awaremoment. Different awaremoments can still have the same ixpemoment. When this happens all these different awaremoments with the same ixpemoment will all be experienced by the same original. If you are the original, in this case, then all of these awaremoments no matter how they are strung together create awarepaths that you will experience. All of these different awarepaths produced by permuting awaremoments that have the same ixpepath can be combined into an awarevenue which is the true total potential you. Of these potential awarepaths that have your ixpepath the ones that actually get produced over all of time make up the actual you.