Structural Functional Materialism

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Structural Functional Materialism is the highly coherent scientific theory about consciousness that proposes that the structure and functioning of the brain produces consciousness. It is different from simple materialism [[1]] which is the hypothesis that specific matter is necessary to produce a specific consciousness and ixperiencitness. Structural Functional Materialism should not be confused with philosophical functionalism [[2]] which it is also different from.

Some of the important predictions that Structural Functional Materialism make:

If a specific structure and functioning produces a specific consciousness then duplicating the same structure and functioning will produce the same consciousness.

Structure functioning materialism utilizes the approximation hypothesis which implies that in many cases approximation of structure and functioning will produce approximate consciousness.

Structural Functional Materialism proposes that identically functioning matter is interchangeable in producing the same consciousness.

Sometimes changes in the structure and functioning of matter can cancel each other out producing the same or close consciousness.

Variations in the structure and functioning of consciousness producing bodies can be viewed and utilized in many different types of continuum structures that can be mapped to conscious continuum structures.

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