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The phrase Template original is used to mean using the original as a template for the comparison and production other types of identireplicas. In itoequations "O" stands for the original in the template sense. When making a cidentireplica of an original you need the original as the template for information about what is being duplicated. The template original can also stand for the information or knowledge that is needed for the comparison to the duplicated identireplica. Since knowledge can be represented in many different ways the template original can be represented in many different ways as well. When the knowledge is represented in different ways there has to be knowledge on how to translate the information into a form that can be understood by the user of the knowledge. Analyzing the structure and functioning of the original is not the only way to get knowledge about the original. By creating orineurocontinuums and using itofazextrapolation, itofazapproximation and other types of knowledge producing processes oriepipoints, oriepimoments, oriepisections, oriepipaths, can be created.

If the goal of the cidentireplica is the production of the same