Ixperiencitness variability proof

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Ixperiencitness variability proof is that there is more than one ixperiencitness. It can vary just like consciousness can vary. Ixperiencitness is a continuum concept not a binary or all or nothing type of concept. In other words you can have percentage wise equal ixperiencitnesses. So you can have, for instance, an ixperiencitness that is 90% identical to another ixperiencitness. Consciousnesses can also be percentage wise identical to each other as well. The ixperiencitness that is produced by a body can change over time and this is reflected in the ixpepath.

If god is conscious and has an ixperiencitness and all conscious beings have the same ixperiencitness then we are just a conscious version of god. We can also state it this way: if the gods are conscious and have ixperiencitnesses and all conscious beings have the same ixperiencitness then we are just conscious versions of gods and gods are just versions of us. It is hard to believe that a god would not be conscious and even harder to believe that if he was conscious that he did not experience his own consciousness. It would bring god or gods to a much lower level of conscious existence if they actually had human ixperiencitness. It is more reasonable to assume that gods have enhanced consciousness and enhanced ixperiencitnesses. If ixperiencitness can be enhanced then it is variable. The term god can be replaced with the term super enhanced conscious being in the above discusion. If there is variability in the ixperiencitness then there can be different bodies that have different ixperiencitnesses.

We can also imagine a degradation of consciousness do to a degradation of the brain's structure and functioning where there is no longer any ixperiencitness produced. It is not likely that at one point in the degradation of consciousness, do to a slow change or degradation of structure and functioning that all of a sudden there was an normal ixperiencitness and the next moment there is no ixperiencitness at all. A continuum of degradation of structure and functioning of the brain can slowly degrade consciousness and ixperiencitness. A degraded ixperiencitness is a different ixperiencitness so ixperiencitness is variable.

Most people believe that their consciousness is unique which when applies to the ixperiencitness concept means that all ixperiencitness are different and not different in a continuum way but is a discrete "all or nothing" way.

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