The "I" is more than the "eye" can see!

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Many people see the "I" as in "I am" as a "body" and or a "soul". Awaretheory is based not on the a specific body or a soul being necessary for existence but on the consciousness and ixperiencitness that the structure and functioning of matter creates over time. It seems, but there is little actual proof of it. that most people directly experience being conscious. If you are not conscious over a period of time you do not exist for yourself even if there is your body still behaving like it is alive and conscious to other people. Awaretheory defines the "I" as the total consciousness that a person actually experiences over all of time and space produced in any possible way. At any one time or period of time you only see a part and a small part of your self. You are more than what you are experiencing now. Most people think that they have had a past life and in that past they experienced being conscious. You do not experience very much of what you have consciously experienced in the past at the present. But you can have memories at the present where you experience less vividly some of these past conscious events. Your past experiences are part of total you and your future experiences are part of the total you as well. Awaretheory predicts that your past and future conscious experiences can be created at the present when the corresponding correct structure and functioning of matter is produced at the present time. You would experience the consciousness produced by a different body at the same time as what you are experiencing now.