Singular infinitely long awarepath

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Singular infinitely long awarepath is phase that names and defines the combination of three concepts.The awarepath is the consciousness that you expereince through time. It could have been different than it was. And when we look into the future we see many different life paths we can take. Most people see themselves as a singular conscious entity or body, many times some how tied to a unitary soul like concept. Immortality means not being mortal, which means never dying. This translates into an infinitely long singular awarepath, or singular infinitely long awarepath.

When you actually are not a body or a soul but the structure and functioning of a body (or itobodies) as awaretheory predicts, you are much more than a singular life long awarepath or a singular infinitely long awarepath, you are multiple awarepaths that can be any length from objective perspectives and can seem to be any length for your own conscious perspectives.

Awaretheory says that there are a very large grouping of structures and functioning of matter that when ever they are produced will create a consciousness that the "I" or you will experience. Right now your brain has a certain structure and functioning that is a specific way producing a specific consciousness. The functioning of the brain is constantly changing, so then also is the consciousness that is being produced by the brain's functioning.

For others you are a body but for yourself you are a consciousness. Imagine not being conscious. You can not imagine not being conscious with out first being conscious. The point is that we could define a person as a singular infinitely long physipath which a body living for ever but if that body does not produce a consciousness that you experience it is not you even if from an external perpective the body looks and acts like you and is in fact your original body.