Permanently dead

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When you are dead many people believe that you are permanently dead. Even if people believe in an after life people do not believe that they will exist as a peson again on earth or in this universe; they will exist in hell or heaven (if their god or gods wants it). Awaretheory predicts that if what appears to be your body dies and is the body that produces your consciousness dies then you can consciously exist again in another body that happens to produce a structure and functioning of matter (and there are a very large amount of them) that creates a consciousness that has the same ixperiencitness as your present body is producing.

Permanently dead means that you never experience conscious existence again. But since there is always the possibility that the right structure and functioning of matter may occur again randomly or deliberately, you may never be permanently dead. You could be nonconscious for extremely long periods of time and not even be aware of it. The word nonconscious as used here is different than unconscious. Unconscious means that there is a body that can produce a consciousness but is not. Nonconscious means that there is no body anywhere that it producing a consciousness that you experience. The words unconscious and nonconscious may seem the same if only one body can produce your consciousness but awaretheory predicts that many different bodies can produce a consciousness that you can experience and even at the same time. One of the bodies that could be producing a consciousness that has your ixperiencitness can be unconscious at any particular time but other bodies could be producing your ixperiencitness at the same time. So one of your bodies could be unconscious but you could still be conscious (not nonconscious) because other bodies are producing a consciousness that has your ixperiencitness which means that you experience these consciousnesses.