Conscious versions of each one of us

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According to awaretheory what we are is a grouping of structures and functioning of matter that produce the same or closely the same ixperiencitness. We grade as a multiple continuum to other structures and functionings of matter that have percentage wise differences in ixperiencitness. If we duplicate a section of the way that your brain functioned for a period of time as a child we not only duplicate the consciousness that was produced then but also the ixperiencitness that was produced as well. If we then allowed for the brain to function differently than it actually had back then it will continue to produce the same ixperiencitness but not the same consciousness.

If we combine all the possible variations in structure and functioning that will produce your ixperiencitness we have a very large set of potential different duplicatable consciousnesses that you will experience any time the correct structures and functionings are produced.