Ixperiencit coherence mapping argument

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Nonexistent and singular theories of conscious existence loose coherence when mapping ixperiencits to awarepaths. For these two types of theories, the potential ixpecontinuum itomaps an infinite amount of ixperiencits to each awarepath. To understand this concept you need to understand that awarepath ixpepath identity postulate. it states that the same awarepath produced by any means will always have the same ixpepath

Consequently, there are no set of physical or scientific laws governing mapping -- anything goes. Thus, there exists no consistent or coherent theory explaining how bodies with the same awarepath or awaresections map to ixperiencits.

Examples: What percent the same matter do you need to have the same ixperiencit? How long can you be dead and then be revived and have the same ixperiencit? Who gets the ixperiencit in a split body experiments? All these questions are simply explained with itomultiplicity. Or stated differently, multiplicity is the consequence, if we want coherence / understandability in a scientific theory of conscious existence.

Some belief systems (religions),(philosophies) seem to be proud of the fact that their system of ideas is unintelligible.