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This web site got its name "awaretheory" for three reasons it was thought to be a name simple to remember, and a number of terms used in this theory start with or contain the word "aware" like awarepath, awarevenue, awarecontinuum, awaremoment etc. The third reason is that this web site is about consciousness, and awareness is synonymous with consciousness.

The web site is not about only one theory, there are several that stand or fall on their own merits. The new terms and equations have value beyond if the theories are true or false. This is because many of these concepts have never been defined in one word or equation before, such as the word ixperiencitness.

Why not write a book rather than a wiki type web site? The ideas are much more extensive than one book can contain, plus a book has to be written is a linear style, a wiki web site is not limited in this restrictive way. There are way to many complex interrelated ideas in this web site, that should be presented as a whole, to be able to write them in a linear book like style. There are also many different audiences that these ideas should be written for. Each different type of reader should be able to choose how deeply they wish to delve into these ideas. There are many different levels of understanding for each of the many different theories and concepts in this web site.

I apologize about the incompleteness of this web site. If a topic does not make sense it is because I (we) have not gotten back to it yet. Sometimes you have to stop writing, organizing, moving parts of written material to the correct topic, etc., in the middle of the task and do not get back to it as soon as you had hoped. I believe that eventually these ideas will be well enough written and organized to be worth most peoples trouble to understand, at least at the simplest level.

As you understand these ideas you will realize that as normal for many sciences they reveal knowledge about ourselves and our world around us that is more bizarre than any fictional account of reality. Almost every aspect of these ideas lead to a very positive view of reality and ourselves, This is very different from many modern philosophical ideas like existentialism that can lead to a depressive view of reality. But in the same sense, awaretheory allows us to revel in the diversity of consciousnesses that ideas like existentialism and other philosophical ideas and experiences give us.

These ideas tell us how and allows us to actually control our conscious futures past our present bodies death. There are no supernatural ideas involved in these ideas only science and rational thought. In one sentence one of the most important set of ideas are based on the very simple concept that consciousness and ixperiencitness are produced by the structure and functioning of the brain which can be duplicated or approximated through out space and time with any grouping of matter in the right proportion of elements. This leads to the very strange idea of multiplicity of conscious existence which most people are not able at this time to grasp in its reality and importance.