The concept of self

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The concept of self is a belief, feeling, a mental construct, that delineates an itobody from its surroundings in a conscious form. It is different from ixperiencitness because ixperiencitness does not require any specific concept of self. It only requires there to be an experience not that the experience should include a division of consciousness into self and non self. The concept of the self is produced by the structure and functioning of the itobrain Since there are many different ways that the itobrain can functioning there are many differnet types of self that the itobrain can produce. The itobrain can produce a consciousness of the self very different from the itobody that produces it. For instance, your current consciousness and ixperiencitness does not have to be or may not be produced by a human body even though the consciousness being produced clearly is expereincing being connected directly to a human body. It may be produced by a totally different type of itobody or an itofazpaducer. The sensepath and or externapath can make the itobrain produce the consciousness that expereinces being the human body when it is in fact not.