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Societal itofazpaducers are itofazpaducers that produce itofazpaths that are related in a societal grouping. It can be some to all of the people in a town city or other type of community grouping. The group can all have the same ixperiencitness or have different ixperiencitnesses. They can also be related by percentage wise identical ixperiencitnesses. The different itophysapaths can interrelate in real time to having each sensepath including interpersonal relations be generated by the itofazpaducer where the physapath is only interrelating with the itofazpaducer and not with other physapaths within the itofazpaducer. This can produce either a set of predetermined awarepaths or be generating a set of only mildly controlled but not predetermined awarepaths. There could be many reasons to produce a specific grouping of related awarepaths. The grouping could be tied to a specific period of historical time or to a specific type of conscious being. It could also be related to interactions between humans and other types of conscious beings.

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Types of Itofazpaducers

There are many types of concept defined itofazpaducers. This list is just a few of them. One reason for the defining the different types of itofazpaducers is for showing that there are many ways of producing consciousness and ixperiencitness in general for all types of conscious beings. Many of these ways will produce human consciousness and ixperiencitness and your ixperiencitness specifically.

Types of Itofazpaducers Named and Defined by the Physical Properties they have

Singular component itofazpaducer, Multiple component itofazpaducer, Self repairing itofazpaducer, Partially self repairing itofazpaducer, Human body itofazpaducer, Nonhuman body itofazpaducer, Space faring itofazpaducer, Mobile itofazpaducer, Immobile itofazpaducer, Internally controlled itofazpaducer, Externally controlled itofazpaducer, Self replicating itofazpaducer, Non replicating itofazpaducer, Machine itofazpaducer, Developing itofazpaducer, Evolving itofazpaducer, Stellar itofazpaducer, Mixed physical itofazpaducer, Colonizing itofazpaducer, Fragmented itofazpaducer, Fulfilling itofazpaducer, Singular ixperiencitness itofazpaducer, Multiple ixperiencitness itofazpaducer, Improving itofazpaducer, Biological itofazpaducer, Non-biological itofazpaducer, Enhancing itofazpaducer, Comprehending itofazpaducer, Punishing itofazpaducer, Observing itofazpaducer, Correcting itofazpaducer, Combining itofazpaducer, Alien itofazpaducer, Explaining itofazpaducer, Problem solving itofazpaducer, Sensepath modifying itofazpaducer, Internapath modifying itofazpaducer,

Types of Itofazpaducers Named and Defined by the Types of Itofazpaths they Produce

Science fictional itofazpaducer, Repeating itofazpaducer, Enhancing path itofazpaducer, Improving path itofazpaducer, Comprehending path itofazpaducer, Punishing path itofazpaducer, Observing path itofazpaducer, Correcting path itofazpaducer, Fictional itofazpaducer, Introspective itofazpaducer, Teaching path itofazpaducer, Synthesizing itofazpaducer, Versional itofazpaducer, Magical itofazpaducer, Fulfilling path itofazpaducer, Connecting itofazpaducer, Uniting itofazpaducer, Problem solving path itofazpaducer, Explaining path itofazpaducer, Extending itofazpaducer, Progressive itofazpaducer, Prospective itofazpaducer, Alien path itofazpaducer, Historical itofazpaducer, Combining path itofazpaducer, Enhanced animal itofazpaducer, Singular itofazpaducer, Multiple itofazpaducer, Interconnected itofazpaducer, Human itofazpaducer, Societal itofazpaducer, Cultural itofazpaducer, Religious itofazpaducer, Mixed path type itofazpaducer, Self aware itofazpaducer, Not self aware itofazpaducer, Singular ixperiencitness producing itofazpaducer, Multiple ixperiencitness producing itofazpaducer, Ixpepath itofazpaducer, Extending and enhancing path itofazpaducer,

Template: Types of itofazpaducers