Ixperiencitness theory of consciousness

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The Ixperiencitness theory of consciousness is a part of awaretheory or the science of superimmortality. Ixperiencitness is a grouping concept of structures and functionings of matter which produce consciousnesses. So ixperiencitness is a grouping concept for consciousness represented as awarepaths. How do we know that such a concept actually exists? Through our experience with consciousness. You are currently conscious. You have memories of being conscious in the past. Your current consciousness is different from what you have consciously experienced in the past. You believe that you experienced these past consciousness and are experiencing a present consciousness. It thus can appear to you that you can experience more than one conscious moment. The Ixperiencitness concept ties together or groups all of the variations in consciousness or awarepaths that you can experience. Your body ties together structures and functionings of matter that you experience. Depending on the environmental conditions that effect your body, including all the information that comes through your senses, your brain could have functioned very differently producing an enumerable amount of different awarepaths instead of the one it does actually produce.

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