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The historic concept is the concept that some awarepaths and their corresponding physapaths are more influential, as in known and effecting other conscious beings, than others. President Lincoln would be a case of a historic original because he exists in the consciousness of many other awarepaths. And during his existence he had a larger effect than many others did. However, an historic original does not have to exist in reality to have great influence or effect on others. This is because many historic people have had their reputation exceed the reality of their deeds. "Jesus christ" likely is an example of this. The historic concept can be applied to many types of itoidentireplicas. An historic itoidentireplica does not have to have a human body. An historic itoidentireplica has many varied effects on other conscious beings and thus their physapaths and awarepaths. An example of an imaginary historic isoidentireplica would be a robot in a movie like "R2D2" in the "Star Wars" movies. Historic conscious beings can have major effects on reality itself. Hitler is an example of this because much of Europe's infrastructure was destroyed largely because of him.