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The term itoawarepath is the grouping term for the different types of awarepaths.

Oriawarepath, coriawarepath, idoawarepath, citoawarepath, vitoawarepath, isoawarepath, fitoawarepaths, enhawarepath, insiawarepath, musawarepath, tritoawarepath, nrgawarepath, comboawarepath, and simiawarepath. are types of itoawarepaths.

The itoawarepath is the awarepath for each type of itobody.

The importance of the itoawarepath concept is that it defines exactly a conscious life for each type itobody including the humans.

See also: itofazpath which is a grouping name for itoawarepath, itoixpepath, itophysipath, itophysapath, itomentapath, and itoepipath.