Types of after life

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Physics has a view point that every thing happens in a relative sense at the same time depending on the speed and direction that you are going through space. An after life is a life after death. With the physics interpretation of time and a human life you are eternal as a singular life. If this is true how is it that we experience ourselves and other getting old and dying? What we experience is based on how the brain is structured and then how it functions over time. The functioning of the brain creates the consciousness of the progression of time. If the brain functioned differently it could experience time going backwards. One way of doing this is making the sensepath seem to run backwards. In many cases entropy would seem to decrease. How long could a human brain function properly when all events runs backwards but your brain still sees in a progressional sense. People would get younger. Broken things would come back together. You would gets thing at the dump but return thing to the store where they would give you money for the new returned. Poop would come up through the sewers into the toilets and into your rectum. you would un-chew food and place it on plates. Things would become unmade, houses would be taken down. We would walk and run and drive backwards we would see where we were coming from but not where we are going. People would be dug up from graves and be un-cremated. The end of life would be the sucking back into the mother as a baby.