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You have a choice to either accept a religious theory of immortality or a scientific theory of immortality. This web site is about the scientific alternative and it consequences. There are consequences for not accepting the scientific path to immortality because it requires people to support science and all that science stands for. Without science your future existence is a matter of random chance. That random chance can be a very unpleasant temporary existence. You might say the scientific equivalent to a religious hell. When you look around you can see the power and beauty that is science. Science is the way we solve problems. Religion is anti science. Science is all about understanding, solving problems, making the world a better place to live by taking care of it, and respecting the beauty and diversity within ourselves and the universe.

Religion is all about dogma, It is certain what is true and what is false. It does not care about this earth because god is going to destroy it anyway according to many religions.

Scientific immortality does give us moral rules to follow, but they are very different from religious based morals. There are no random set of arbitrary rules that you have to follow to show god your faith in him. These scientific based morals are pragmatic rules based on making peoples lives better in all senses of the term. There are not just one way to make peoples lives better there are numerous ways for the many different needs of people. These morals rules pertain to sustaining or taking care of the earth, pursuing knowledge, being good to ones fellow man (and all conscious beings)--- because of the selfish reason that other people might be a versions of you, among other reasons like simply being nice to others.

People want to believe in religions because not knowing can be very scary. But science can also give use real knowledge about immortality and what we can expect in life, and how we should or can act to make our lives better.

Before now there was no real option apart from religion, if you wanted immortality, because science supposedly stood for the finality of death for a person.

Religions have social support groups. There is no reason this has to stop just because we have better ideas. People still need to taught these better ideas. People still need a sense of community that church like activities and rituals give, but they can be centered around support of science, teaching these ideas to children, and helping other people and each other cope with life.

We have a choice to make things better through science or worse through religions.

see Pascal's wager