Superimmortality and the insignificance of man

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The greatest experiences that you have ever had in life are repeatable. In your current body, in another body in the same or different times, places and made of different matter, if these different bodies produce a close enough structure and functioning to the body that produced these great experiences originally.

Often it is believed that the more we learn from science the more insignificant mankind and especially each man or woman is. In the past before science, folk mythology made man the center of the universe. With science we have increasing learned that that we are less than a speck in space. A speck that keeps getting smaller and smaller the more we learn about the universe and multiverse. Not only is the whole of human history just a speck in time, each person's life is just a very infinitesimally small part of that speck in time. The effect that a human life has on the totality of reality through space and time is essentially nothing. What is the purpose? It appears that we as a species and as individuals are totally unimportant in this universe and every other universe.

Some have tried to tie our importance to the importance of an ultimate god with hope but little or no proof. Superimmortality changes everything! Superimmortality is a science that changes our view point from making mankind insignificance to apparently very important, with overwhelming evidence. It does not require any supernatural beliefs, concepts, processes, places, or objects like religions, wishful thinking, souls, gods, magic, heavens, or hells. It is also totally coherent with the principles of science.

Superimmortality gives us five massively important scientific concepts. These concepts are extension, multiplicity, numerousity, enhancement, and isomorphism with the understanding and technological usefulness that come with scientific knowledge.

  1. Every consciousness produced in a body can be extended after death with the same ixperiencitness in the same or different bodies.(Extension)
  2. Every consciousness produced in one body can be produced in any number of other bodies with the same ixperiencitness.(Multiplicity)
  3. For every consciousness there are numerous variations of it that have the same ixperiencitness.(Numerousity)
  4. Every consciousness produced in one body can be produced in any number of other bodies with many different types of enhancements while still producing the same ixperiencitness.(Enhancement)
  5. Consciousnesses produced in one biological body can be produced or approximated in a number of other non biological bodies with many different types of structures and functioning but still producing the same ixperiencitness. (Isomorphism)

With the use of these four scientific principles the universe is made for the existence of conscious beings including the production of human consciousnesses. There is near endless space, time, matter and energy, in this universe to produce endless varieties and repetitions of human and other types of consciousnesses.

A man if he is only a singular short lived human body will likely be insignificant in this universe. But if like superimmortality predicts, and has ample evidence for, you are much more than this one insignificant human body, all of the consciousnesses that you can and will experience through out space and time can be very purposeful to the many different versions of yourself and to other conscious beings, many that you may care greatly about.

  1. The concept of extension means that you can exist through out time.
  2. The concept of multiplicity means that you can exist through out space.
  3. The concept of numerousity means that you can experience many different things.
  4. The concept of enhancement means that you can do and understand many different things.
  5. The concept of isomorphism means that a consciousness that you will experience can be made, structured, and then function in many different ways that do not have to be by only a biological body. This means that you do not have to exist only on the surface of a livable planet like earth.

This brings us back to the ideas that we started with at the beginning of this discussion --- we know there are wonderful experiences that we have had in our lives, according to the science of superimmortality they can be repeated, modified, extended, enhanced, and produced in many different ways through out space and time in different ways and with different bodies. To bring this about will take much effort which gives our present and future lives meaning and purpose This is beside just the meaning and purpose that our current lives alone give us.