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The phrase 'versions of you' can be though of as all the possible lives that you could possible imagine experiencing. If it is a version of you, you experience it. Versions of you have the same ixperiencitness as you do. A version of you will be an awarepath that you experience like you are experiencing this life. Because of multiple nature of consciousness and ixperiencitness versions of you can exist at the same time as you are now. You might ask how can they be me if I do not experience what they are experiencing. A simple example is, the same way that if you went into the future and saw yourself, you know that this is you but you are not experiencing what this future version of you is experiencing. If every experience that you will ever experience you have to experience at the same time there would be no you. We can only see a small part of what we are at each moment of our consciousness existence. We only see a small part of our life at once. In the same way we only see a small part of all the different versions of lives that we are, or have the potential to be, at one time.

There are many different potential versions of you that have lives very much like this one you are experiencing now. But there are many different lives that we can and will experience if they are produced that have a different group of friends, loved ones, and other different environmental conditions. There can be versions of loved ones just like you can be be a version of yourself for them.

There are many potential versions of you that have a much better life than you have had and will have, And then there are many potential versions of you that have a worse life than you, all of this you will experience if they become actual versions of you.

Itoversions is the name for the versions of you produced by an itobody such as a videntireplica or isoidentireplica.

Itoversions is the grouping name for Oriversions, Idoversions, coriversions, Citoversions, Vitoversions, Fitoversions, Enhaversions, Isoversions, Musversions, Insiversions, Comboversions, tritoversions, Nrgversions, and Simiversions. There are versions of you are produced in different ways.

A version of you usually means a Conscious version of you. But a version of you, if we are only talking about a body does not have to be by definition a conscious version of you.

Versions of you usually refer to Conscious versions of you. This is because to be you, for you, you have to be conscious. But you do not have to be conscious for other people only that you appear to be conscious or at least appear to be alive. Even a dead body that looks like you or is supposed to be you is referred to as you. This leads to the idea that through there can be many different actual and potential conscious versions of you, most people believe that there is only one body version of you, where as in reality there can be many body versions of you that produce many conscious version of you through out space and time made of any grouping of matter that can produce the right structure and functioning.